Strike Three

“That bastard! Just when I was going to believe that his role in Raven’s capture could be explained by Mysterium orders, or a misguided desire to help the Consilium…”

“Much as I enjoy your profanity, let me offer an aphorism: Never attribute to malice, that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.”

“No, the Consilium meeting could be explained by stupidity. And the dinner was at least a little plausible. But his little hint to call her? Can you honestly tell me that was anything less than a taunt?”

“… No. You were pretty transparent about how uncomfortable all this has made you. He’s definitely sabotaging you. Possibly Dio, too, but it seems to be mostly you.”

“Is this because of what Overman said? Does the fact that I’ve confronted Thrice mean that he sees me as a threat, as one of the few people in the Cabal who recognizes what he is doing?”

“Probably. Its what I would do. Well, no, I’d be smarter about it, more subtle. And I’d never tip my hand for something so petty. But there is one bright side to you being his focus.”

“I can draw his attention from Overman.”

“Exactly. Noctis is too much of a pariah for Galena or Dio to take his mistrust of Thrice seriously. Overman is your best ally here; he’s put himself in the same position with Thrice that you hold with Noctis.”

“Which is worrying, because despite his faults, I genuinely like Noctis. If Overman feels the same way…”

“Then he might hesitate? No. I wouldn’t hesitate, and I don’t think he would either.”

You wouldn’t. And I’d like to think we’ve misjudged Overman, even if in this case it would hurt our plans.”

“Now, now. I like Overman. I think he’s wonderful. But we have to be realistic, and we have to be cautious. And that’s why you think we need an ace up our sleeve.”

“… Yes, I do. You… have a plan?”

The Doppelganger grins. “Do I have a plan? Maybe, but it will require Noctis’ help, and your full cooperation.”

“For this? I’m sure Noctis will jump at the chance. And I… well, I am not in the best frame of mind to fight you.”

“Of course you aren’t… Still, that is good enough for me.”

Strike Three

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