Galena-Thrice Asides

After Thrice confronted Rameses-

Galena is sitting on the couch while Thrice has gone up to his room to use the punching bag. He comes down later and sits on the opposite side of the couch.

Galena: You alright? Sorry for pulling rank…just didn’t feel like cleaning up blood tonight.
Thrice: It’s alright. Things got tense…just can’t believe they went behind my back with my life. (he slowly scoots towards Galena while keeping his eyes averted) Sorry you had to see that.
Galena: It’s alright…I understand. I just wish I knew why they were doing that. You haven’t done anything to them. And Noctys has never even given you a chance!
Thrice (sighing deep): Seems you and Overman are the only ones who give me that chance. You above everyone else. (he smiles)
Galena: I believe that people should be given an opportunity to prove themselves…we all owe that to each other. I’ve judged others too soon before in my past and have learned from that mistake. I’ve also given my trust to people and have had it broken. That is the worst betrayal I can think of, but I have to give everyone the chance…however it will turn out.

Dio comes rushing in with the news that her mother…or someone…took over her computer and was talking to her through it.

During the Noctys chase scene…after Noctys passed out from the chloroform-

Thrice (to Galena): Are you okay?
Galena (distractedly and angrily): Yeah…fine.
Thrice nods as Noctys begins to wake up. Rameses uses his taser to knock Noctys back out.

Once he is passed out again-
Galena (to Thrice, upset/torn): Thanks. I wish that hadn’t been the only option.
Thrice (with concern): He didn’t give us an option, Galena.
Galena: I know, I just don’t like friendly fire.
Thrice: Nobody likes it. Just some…people (he looks to Noctys) jump into the line of fire.
Galena: I know, and I know we didn’t have any other choice, but I do feel responsible for all of you…It’s my job to keep you ALL safe. I know I have to make the choice to stop the bigger threat, but that’s not a fun choice sometimes. I want to try to be neutral so everyone will trust me.
Thrice (reaching out to hold Galena’s arm): You are only one person, Galena. And you have done one helluva job keeping us safe.
Galena (smiling weakly): Thanks. I’m sure Noctys doesn’t feel the same way at this point.
Thrice (chuckling): I don’t care what he thinks.

Galena uses Rameses’ belt to tie Noctys’ hands, but then Noctys wakes up, casts Shifting Sands, and escapes.

Back at the Sanctum after Galena leaves the living room and goes to her bedroom. Texts continue while she is in the attic talking with Rameses and Overman- (In game texts)

Thrice: You okay? Not like you to sneak off.
Galena: Yeah…just a trying afternoon…mixed feelings and all that. You doing ok?
Thrice: I’m fine. Just don’t need our doorwarden, and my friend, to be troubled by such actions. You made the right decision in an extreme situation.
Galena: I will be ok. Just need some time to cool off and figure out how I feel about this. Thanks for your support, friend. :) Good to know someone thinks I made the right move. Just feeling some regret for my part. Deep down, I know it was the right decision, but I’m not usually one to turn my back on one of my own.
Thrice: You didn’t turn your back on him. He turned his back on us. He got what he deserved in my eyes.
Galena: Yeah, I suppose so…just need some time.
Thrice: Understood. Well, if you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here.
Galena: Thanks. Same is true for you…my door is always open.
Thrice: I appreciate it, Galena. Maybe one day we can have a sit down and just let it all out since we keep it all bottled up. Least, I’m assuming…
Galena: Yeah, that would be good. Though I tend to let some of it out at the shooting range for what it’s worth.
Thrice: Heh, same here.

After the movie, Galena catches Thrice before he goes to his room-
Galena (reaching out to hold Thrice’s arm): Thank you, Thrice. I will take you up on that unbottling party at some point.
Thrice (slightly blushing): No problem, Galena.
Galena: How are things between you and Rameses?
Thrice: I think we are about to talk it out…eventually.
Galena: Good…I’m glad. I hope what’s left of us can pick up the pieces and try to work together. I don’t know if we can handle a repeat of today. But, I will be around for that talk if you two want me there. If not, I understand that, too. (She squeezes his arm gently) I hope you have a good night.
Thrice (smiles): I sure hope we can, Galena.
After the Cabal meeting where Rameses, Thrice, and Overman switched jobs- (in game texts)

Thrice: If you wanna talk I’ll be at the Mysterium pretty much all day.
Galena: Thanks…that went surprisingly well…I’m amazed that no more was said about Noctys.
Thrice: Im glad. don’t need anymore drama.
Galena: Yeah. It’s hard to tell…do you think the others are upset at all? I didn’t really know how to bring it up during the meeting.
Thrice: They seem fine. Maybe they are just bs-ing us.
Galena: I can understand them not wanting to bring anything up, though I suppose that was the time to do it if they were going to. Maybe it really is all ok…I figured Rameses at least would be irritated or upset with me. Maybe I had him pegged wrong…I really thought he had become more sympathetic with Noctys to the point of joining him down the path of crazy…
Thrice: Guess we are lucky then. Guess one can only miss a crazy so much
Galena: Yeah :)
Thrice: Just make sure you speak up next time. Dont need you to drown in a sea of opinions. That and I suppose my new job will have me workin closer with you. Least thats a positive :)
Galena: I will try…it’s never been my strong suit. It was more of me not wanting to bring it up for fear of everyone else’s feelings. I tend to expect the worst…and I thought I might have to be packing my things today and moving to Blue Horizon. Don’t get me wrong, I do miss them, but I want to honor my oath to this Cabal, too. And yep! Should be fun :)
Thrice: Well if they did they would lose me too since you did the right thing.
Galena: Thanks. :) things seem like they are on the right path now.
Thrice: No prob. Bullet therapy tomorrow?
Galena: It’ll have to be after work, but sure :)
Thrice: Great. It’s a plan

Later that afternoon-
Galena: Going to Adamantine Arrow with Athena after work, so I’ll be later getting back to the Sanctum tonight
Thrice: Understood. Have fun.
Galena: Will do. :)
Thrice: Any chance i can join you all? Would be interested to see the other orders
Galena: Let me check with Athena
Galena: She said maybe another time.
Thrice: Understood. Tomorrow for bullet therapy then :)
Galena: Definitely. :) See you later!

Galena-Thrice Asides

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