Thrice Split Ruler

Observant Mastigos of the Cabal.


You know nothing of…us.”

Height: 5’11"
Hair: Red
Eyes: Hazel

Path: Mastigos
Order: Mysterium

Nimbus: (Subjugating) An iron crown appears on Thrice’s head, his eyes seem to grow more tyrannical, and his word is final. Appears even inanimate objects themselves bend before him and his unquestionable rule. When the magic increases, a sword can be heard being unsheathed and armored footsteps are heard as well. Shortly after, Thrice appears to be wearing full chain armor. Those who meet his gaze feel either compelled to grant his every wish or simply step out of his way…for they know they are worthless to him.

Pages: The Birth Of A Ruler
Aspects of Thrice
Observations of Potential Subjects
Close Visitors On A Dark Night
The Mask Is Cracking
Opening Old Wounds and New Festering Ones
Sleepless Night
Galena-Thrice Asides
Therapy for the Awake and Restless
Enter The Shadow
A Night Of Wrath
Observations of The Orders
Late Night Musings
A Night To Remember
Back Home


Before his two year ‘career’ at Point Cafe as a fry cook, no one knew ██████. Most assume he is from out of town or just a quiet local. Since then he is a well respected member of the cafe both of its patrons and employees.

Thrice Split Ruler

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