Medical Resident - Genetics, University of Pittsburgh


As a Thyrsus, appearance is temporary and transitory, shifting to suit the needs and demands of the environment.

Tower: Thyrsus
Order: Silver Ladder (Neophyte, Status 0)
Legacy: ~

Nimbus: (Evolution) Those in the presence of Overman’s magic will feel overcome with a drive to challenge themselves and grow. Even the least events become an event or competition. Patrons at a coffee shop attempt to rush to the head of the line – the barista rushing to complete each order in record time. The world becomes a blur of chaotic efficiency as the weak are left in the dust or seek a contest more in line with their skills.


Why I joined the Silver Ladder:

“Hubris is a coward’s word. Weak men and women use it to excuse their fear-blunted dreams. They give timidity the glorious raiment of gods and the mechanical inevitability of natural law. The other orders have their virtues, but each one leavens the Art with shame and forces its disciples to eat of that bitter bread: a communion of defeat and, to the Silver Ladder, the greatest blasphemy. There’s no ruling God to placate with bent knee, no secret that humanity wasn’t meant to know. There is no higher power than humanity and nothing more sacred than its dreams.

“Enlightenment is glorious and cruel, amoral in all ways but one: Awakening itself is virtue.”
~Unknown Théarch

Long Term Goal:

We live in a fallen world – one can achieve immortality, power, and material wealth here. Such conquests are empty – what is the true worth of such things when one is a prisoner? When true power, meaning, and worth is separated by a sea of despair so far above in the Supernal Realms? If one accepts that they are trapped, defeat, then the world is still empty…so few to find worthy companionship from when one has reached the top of the glass ceiling. Yet, no one knows how to break through to the Realms above. Mages will be the answer but, so many awaken as enemies to the quest for enlightenment and those that do not often become blinded by their own power. Mages are the culmination of the human crucible – so many impurities linger from the life before.

The path I take is to refine that base component, the human being. Nietzsche once said man is a ladder between the animal and the Overman, the ladder to Atlantis was never lost, we merely let our eyes be drawn away from it. Working from the echo of our world, the Shadow, I will cultivate the emotions beneficial to awakening. Those of the Silver Ladder taught me than man typically falls into two categories: Stag and Lion. These stereotypes are enforced by the Lie, sedating our minds and blinding our souls. The Stag are the blind masses characterized by restraint, humility, and self-sacrifice. They are the Southern Baptist who works five days a week to send his children to a carbon copy of his life – all the toils of his life devoured by the very system he sustains. The Lion are those who see beyond the Stag, if only barely, and are characterized by selfishness and self-preservation. The Stag is the Cooperate Banker who swindles the global economy, ten of thousands if not tens of millions of Stags out of their essence, to attain worldly wealth and comfort. These are the Sleepers – they do not, can not, see beyond the Lie. Yet, the Lie is perpetuated by this weakened ideal of Humanity, by the emotions of the Stag and Lion. My brother théarchs strive to one day uplift humanity from these identities, but in the meantime they are overcome by other issues. I will pave the road for them, ease their burden, and cultivate the emotional echo in the Shadow to move humanity towards Enlightenment.

I do not do this only for them – I seek this to attain my own Enlightenment and see the wonders a world of mages can create. My mortal self once saw the accomplishments of a world’s medical field, and wondered at all they accomplished. As a Thyrsus I still stand in wonder of humanities accomplishments when even a few combine their efforts, becoming a Godhead far surpassing the human. In the infant field of genetics, the latest in many generations of medicine, humanity has already begun to map the essence of the human and is on the cusp of creating sustainable organs from the very blueprint of the intended recipient. These are wonders only a skilled practitioner of Life could accomplish, yet humanity has attained such with no sign of slowing. If all of humanity were to Awaken – we could share the fruits of each others labors, evolving into eternity. Perhaps I am selfish in the end, perhaps I have some of the Lion within me, but I wish to benefit from such a world and to be able to say I had a part in creating it.

“Morality is the herd-instinct in the individual.”
~Friedrich Nietzsche


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