I’m having trouble working out my feelings on this whole Raven deal. I dislike her betrayal of us, the school, and the Consilium, but when I really think about it, perhaps it was unintentional. I don’t think she maliciously revealed the existence of the Consilium and school, but restraint should have been exercised.

All that being said, I can see where an alliance of sorts with the werewolves could be useful…and also tenuous. At this point, we’ve been deluged with enemies since our Awakening, so an ally sounds inviting, but I really know nothing of werewolves…not even from movies! (I’ve always been a skeptic of such things being real…and now I’ve encountered them first-hand. That still hasn’t really sunk in yet…) The information they could give us would be very useful against the Lucid, and I’m sure Overman would appreciate the freedom of being able to enter the
Shadow Realm without the threat of being slaughtered (I, for one, will stay on this side of reality for as long as possible…). However, if we do not accept this job, will they see it as a declaration of war? Also, is it really an alliance they are seeking, or are we just being used to do their dirty work?

I fear that if our Consilium accepts the werewolves’ offer and we do form an alliance, tensions will be high and it would be a short-lived partnership. Will they trust us? Can they be trusted? Who will (or could) insure mutual respect between the parties? Or, would it be a simple laissez-faire treaty?

At this point, I plan to take no action on my own unless we are tasked by the Concilium to tackle this project. As the letter was addressed to the Consilium and not our Cabal, I do not feel that it is my place to hunt down these two threats for the werewolves. At least, not yet.

Some have suggested tricking the werewolves into believing that we have “handled” their problem while simply sending Raven into hiding. That does not sit well with me at all. First, I have no further allegiance to her. Second, if the wolves are actually considering an alliance, taking that course of action would just be spitting in their faces. We can’t risk open war between the Awakened and the Lycans. We have enough enemies for now.


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