To Hide the Rot Within, in Service to the Consilium

Less than two days to hide the scars and oozing sores that make up this cabal of short sighted lunes. Becoming a mage, the Awakening, to see the world for what it really is. It makes me wonder if that’s accurate, I see so many still asleep to what the world really is, those who would ignore the dangers for a misplaced kindness. We are not civilians told half truths to protect us from the horror of the world, we are the front line against the lie and the vile perpetrators of humanities blight. To risk so many comrades, for that is what our mage brethren are, for the life of an enemy and a traitor. And my role in it all is what? I am to hide it all from them, my brothers in arms, to maintain the illusion as an impetus for change and growth?

They do not understand, the point of the cabal, we are capable of so much good if we only focus upon that. I don’t give a shit about ailing grandmothers, or taking from the sleepers what we need to fight this war, and least of all mercy for our enemies. When the fighting starts, when our enemies beat upon our gates, its my ass in there hands. I would no stand for this mindless bull shit if it were not for what we represent. So I must hide these wounds from the Consilium even as I serve them, so I must go to my cabal mates and mask the wounds.

I don’t like it, I hate it, I loath it – to endanger so many for one who betrayed us and turned her back on magedom. Rameses is the heart, he is to maintain peace within the Cabal, but he takes a side and says nothing in defense of Thrice. He is blind, declaring war on those who made the “drug” when they serve the war effort, those bringing humans up to enlightenment and fighting the lie. Never have we crossed blades, never have they worked against us or our projects, yet he would have them as the enemy. ::Overman makes a note to speak to Fox about Abel, punishing him for his misconduct and making reparations to Silver Wing:: Yet, those who have taken our secrets and shared them with standing enemies to our way of life, who have struck without cause against us and ours, they are to be protected. Fuck that and fuck them, I am loyal to the Consilium and I will not stand for such insanity. The Embers, we could cleanse many of the detrimental changes caused by Nightmare day, but we are only a threat and a rot within the heart of the Consilium if we protect its enemies and strike against those who fight the Lie of Quiescence and seek Hieraconis. Noctys is worse, a firebrand for chaos, there is no sense in those he wants to protect or those he seeks to destroy. Now he speaks against the Consilium, threatens to spit in the faces of our laws and traditions. As a member of the Silver Ladder, but more a mage with honor, he is quickly earning my ire and loathing. Should he undermine the purpose of this cabal and speak against the Consilium he has left me no other path. He has acted against the safety of our society in the case of the lucid Virginia and now again with the traitor Raven. I begin to fear the claims some have made about the “drug” and the stories about Banishers.

Raven has forsaken the Ars Mysteriorum and in so forsaken her rite to life, as a traitor, the precept of Thunder also demands she be mercilessly punished. If Noctys and Rameses continue to protect a known traitor and our enemies I will take it upon myself to seek out the Sentinel and request an investigation into their loyalties.

To Hide the Rot Within, in Service to the Consilium

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