Titles of Duty

Farseeker: “Scrounger.” Called the Hand of the Cabal, the Farseeker is the one responsible for overseeing acquisition of the resources the cabal needs. This may range from something as simple as being the one who goes for take-out to organizing the expedition to gather tass and unique magical materials.

Doorwarden: “Bouncer.” Called the Fist of the Cabal, the Doorwarden is responsible for the safety of the cabal and the protection of the Sanctum. It is he who oversees the testing and reinforcement of its defenses, and who stands at the first line of defense.

Hearthmaster: “Guide.” Called the Heart of the Cabal, the Hearthmaster acts as the nurturer of the cabal and its Sanctum. The Hearthmaster often acts as healer, confidant and caretaker of the Sanctum, but their most common role is that of mediator.

Lorekeeper: “Scribe.” Called the Head of the Cabal, the Lorekeeper is the historian and archivist for the cabal, keeping its Protocols and library well in order, and maintaining correspondence with other cabals.

Edgetender: “Hexer.” Called the Eye of the Cabal, the Edgetender cultivates the magical resources of the cabal, caring for the mystical aspects of the Sanctum as the Hearthmaster cares for its mundane. Edgetenders often care for the Hallow of a cabal.

Spiritwhisper: “Spook.” Called the Shadow of the Cabal, the Spiritwhisper watches the surroundings for trouble that may come to the cabal, often ranging away from the cabal to investigate potential treats. It is he who first detects the enemies or dangers that arise and informs the Fist that he might prepare for them.

Titles of Duty

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