Therapy for the Awake and Restless

Ammunition therapy at the Adamantine Arrow shooting range-

You see the front of a dingy gym, the glass broken in places, weeds growing around the sidewalk.

Thrice (smirking): Love what you all have done with the place
Galena: Only the finest for my friends…

Scattered about are various clumps of junks, that at first seem haphazard, but to someone who has studied high speech, they are clearly concealed signs proclaiming this one of the Arrow outposts

Thrice: Secret knock as well?
Galena (smirking back): I’d tell you, but I’d have to kill you. But, no, just a secret door.

As the two of you walk into the gym front door and pass back towards the back, an old man, fitting the spitting image of the broken down, retired boxing trainer sits near the doors to the changing room. He glances up at Galena. “Friend of yours?”

Galena: Yes…this is Thrice. He’s a member of my Cabal.
Thrice nods to the man.
Old Man: “Call me Doc Brown”
Doc Brown: “Or just Doc. Most of the normal crowd tend to ignore me…and those who aren’t tend to leave me alone and go to the other rooms”
Doc Brown: “Anyways, you two have fun…good to see some new blood around here”
Galena: Thanks, Doc…see you around.
Thrice: Thank you sir.

You both pass through your respective changing rooms and through the doors on the other side, where you are treated to the sight of a true dojo. Sparring mats all around, gym equipment filling spaces in front of mirrored walls, racks of equipment hanging in the back. Back in one corner is a resting area filled with books, tables, and maps, both local and otherwise. A couple dozen or so of people are milling about going through various exercise regimen. As you take a few steps forwards, a woman in her early 30’s waves at Galena, who would recognize Cortana.

Cortana: Back already? Duendal didn’t put you through the paces enough last time?
Galena: Oh, no…he did for sure. Cortana, this is my Cabal mate Thrice…we came to use the shooting range. Thrice is also interested in learning more about the Arrow.
Thrice: (waves to Cortana) Hello miss.
Cortana: Someone else interested in joining us? Thats good. We can always use extra help.
Thrice: (puts up his hands) Oh no, I am already a part of the Mysterium. I am here both as a Cabal mate to Galena here to blow off some steam. Also I’m here as a mage to understand your Order more, since I know so little about the others besides my own.
Cortana (smirking): What…the Mysterium doesn’t have enough knowledge to share out with their own members?
Thrice: (smirks and straightens) It’s not that miss, I just wish to make my own observations.
Galena: Thrice has also just accepted a position of defending our Cabal from future threats…I figure this is a good place for him to learn some pointers, too.
Cortana: No worries…we generally have worked well with the mysterium in the past. You all tend to be better at the quiet observation and information gathering, while we tend to be better at taking the more decisive action. You mentioned you needed to work off some steam…why don’t you go do that and then I’ll be glad to answer any question you might have that Galena can’t answer for you. I’ll be over there (pointing towards the maps)
Galena: Thanks, Cortana.
Thrice: (nods) Yes, thank you.
Galena (giving Thrice’s gun back to him): Please try not to pull it on Rameses anymore… (small grin)
Thrice: (Thrice holds it in his hands for a moment before attaching it back to his waist, he chuckles) I’ll do my best.
Galena: Things seem better, so hopefully that won’t have to happen again anyway
Thrice: Yeah…let us hope for better things
Galena: Definitely. (loading pistol with bullets) I am looking forward to the DC trip…if for selfish reasons only…never been there before
Thrice: (Goes through the motions of checking the gun over and over) Not a fan of trips but I suppose since I will have some good company (side glance at Galena) I could be convinced
Galena (smiling): You seemed fine in the Amazon.
Thrice: That’s ‘cause it was just three of us…
Galena: Hm…there is that. At least there won’t be 6 of us? I mean, we had a hard enough time keeping a leash on everyone here…I can’t imagine going on a field trip with Noctys in tow as well.
Thrice: (He smiles while looking up) Oh darn…the fun we could’ve had.
Galena: Ugh…that’s not even funny. (while laughing)
Thrice: (Smile while holding his arms out) Then I would hate to tell a joke around you, you might laugh yourself to death.
Galena: Well, if that’s how I had to go, I guess that’s preferable to many other ways. (still chuckling)
Thrice: (nods) Yeah…laughing would be preferable.
Galena: So, you seem…different…now…Noctys was really getting to you, huh? I figured you’d still be mad about the whole Rameses thing.
Thrice: (waves his hand) Bah, he got under my skin once. Hopefully it won’t happen again…since now he knows what will happen if he does.
Galena: (smirks at Thrice) Except that won’t be happening anymore, either…right?
Thrice: (looks to Galena) As long as he doesn’t push me.
Galena: (sighs) I guess I can understand that. I’m more guilty than you are at injuring a Cabal member…guess I have no room to talk.
Thrice: At least Ramses is smart enough to back down when he sees a weapon pulled on him and not run from his Cabal.
Galena: True.
Thrice: Very.
Galena: So…you are ok, then?
Thrice: (Closes his eyes and smiles) As okay as one can be in our situation, could always be worse.
Galena: Ok. I know we’ve had a lot of crap going on in the last couple of weeks that seemed to put you on edge…just wanted to make sure you’re alright.
Thrice: (chuckles) Don’t worry Galena, if I snap I’ll at least give you time to duck.
Galena: Much appreciated.
Galena: You ready to go chat with Cortana?
Thrice: I believe so.

After you all finish up at the shooting range, you both return to the main floor, and as expected Cortana is working over some maps. Galena would recognize Duendal starding behind her, looking over her shoulder. He looks up, spots the two of you and gets an almost predatory grin.

Duendal: “Cortana said you were here…lets go, Galena…still got more to teach you before we can get you assigned to your first talon group.”
Galena: Duendal, this is my Cabal mate Thrice…Thrice, Duendal.

Thrice’s jaw clinches slightly, but manages to smile and nod.
Galena goes off with Duendal muttering, “wish I could use my guns”
Thrice watches Galena walk off then slowly walks over to Cortana.

Duendal comes up to Galena and knocks the back of her head. “I heard that….later. Besides, won’t holding your own mean that much more when you had to work for it?”
Galena: I suppose so…just not used to getting my ass kicked. (snorts to herself…“swords.”)

Cortana notices Thrice watching Galena and the expression he gave Duendal. After they are fully involved in their sparing match she glances at Thrice. “Problem?”
Thrice looks to Cortana “Oh…no, shouldn’t be. Guess I’ve just become protective of her since all this shit with…,”waves his hand ,“everything as happened”
Cortana: “Thats an odd stance for one of the Mysterium to take. Have you talked to her about it?”
“As an arrow, she’ll constantly be put int he front lines. its good to have an understand about that with the ones you care about”
Thrice blushes slightly as he scratches his head. “Not really. Been to busy with everything that has been happening. From the Uratha to the…possible Seers”
Cortana: " yes….well….I would suggest you talk sooner rather than later…being a Mage ins’t the safest profession…being an arrow can make it worse." You detect a slight hint of sadness in her voice before she shakes her head “Anyways, thats not what you’re here about…you wanted to know about our order. Did you have any specific questions?”
Thrice looks at Cortana. “Honestly I don’t even know where to start, I know next to nothing about The Arrow.”

Cortana: “Well…the simple answer is, the Arrow stands as the frontline guard for humanity, sleepers and awakened alike. We focus on the mystical threats to humanity…but if we see injustice, we do try to prevent it, we also serve as bodyguards for various factions within the awakened world, and our services are availible as protectorates to all within our concilium…or as the case will likely be shortly, for both of them here. We also serve as militant advisors should some over reaching threat present it self…like the seers. On a personal level, Arrows dedicate themselves to improvment through martial practice, both physically and mentally…most any arrow is capable in all three forms of combat and has bascic tactical skills, although most have thier prefered venue, such as Galena and her guns. That’s whay Duendal trains with here in the weaponry and bare handed methods…they are a weaknes to her, and she cannot properly protect others if she doesn’t understand what her oppoentes might be capable of. As far as our ties to the Mysterium are concerned, we have a good working relationship. The Mysterium are ‘almost’ as good as the Guardians about learning information about various threats, but are FAR more open about what they learn. Even though sometimes you all make us jump through a bunch of hoops to prove we ready for the information
The last part is said with the type of tone that indicates annoyance, but not really directed at anyone person…just the situation.

Thrice smirks. “We have included hurdles now as well.”
She chuckles once. “I’ll bet.” Just remeber how to take them all down the next time you need us to come protect you from the demons you find while searching for your knowledge"
Wrath chuckles while Thrice nods. “Actually I will be giving Galena something I have found, a book. Back in the Atlantean days of the Mysterium…with the right censors of course…”

After an hour or so of Thrice and Cortana discussing the Adamantine Arrow, a weary and slightly harried looking Galena comes back over, Duendal complimenting hows shes improved.

Cortana shakes Thrice’s hand before standing “It’s been nice meeting you Thrice…I hope the information you learned helps you…and please say hello to your masters for us…we do like to have good ties and all…helps make sure the obstacle placers aren’t too diabolical”
Thrice: (smiles) Information always helps and I will make sure to pass along your greeting to my higher ups.

Cortana turns to Galena “Next time, I’ll work with you on some stealth techniques you might find useful with your guns…give you a bit of a break for the slave driver over here.”

Duendal just grins.

Galena: (looks to Duendal, smirking) I would welcome that change. Gonna be one giant bruise if I keep it up with him…
Thrice: Oh, and Cortana. Two of your Arrows, Athena and Bettis, should be getting contacted by the head of our consilium concerning the Seers since they saw them.
Cortana: I didn’t realize Blue Horizon had been involved…I’ll be sure to talk to them.
Thrice: They were watching out for the other half of our cabal when we were out of town.
Thrice: Figured they would want in on it.
Thrice: (looks to Galena) You okay to walk?
Duendal snorts. “She’s not beat up that badly.”

Thrice: One can never be too careful when exercising.
Galena: (smiles) yeah, I’m fine…old man over there isn’t as badass as he thinks (smirking, bows to Duendal)
Thrice nods to both of them on the way out.
Thrice: So….home?
Galena: I suppose so.
Thrice: Okay then. (chuckles) I think I’ll drive.

Therapy for the Awake and Restless

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