The Birth Of A Ruler

You open your eyes…..

…and fine yourself seated on a throne made of black iron. You feel powerful. More powerful than you have ever felt before. You feel your throne shift slightly and you notice you are on a road of stone. A man, clothed in sack cloth with what appears to a bag with a hole cut only for breathing covering his head. He is chained to the throne and he strains against it, trying to pull the throne along the path. Along the path, you see glimpses of people you know and those you might not even call acquaintances, but you know them anyway. They represent everyone who you think has ever wronged you. And you know that you, now, are more powerful than all of them. And they seem to know it too.

Your throne has stopped, you raise a hand, and the people on the road edges nearest you start to scramble “ No no, good master, do not bother yourself with him…let us…”
And they pull sticks from nothingness and take turns striking the man chained to the throne, each of beaters complaining about their problems in their lives, saying that it is all somehow his fault. The man, ignoring the beatings, continues to pull and the throne begins to move again, slowly. In the distance, you see a fist-shaped tower in black, with a red glow around it. You feel you need to get there quickly…far more quickly than your moving. You now notice than in your hand is a whip. Per haps with the proper motivation….or is he too weak?

The eyes of the…leader once known as ██████ grew eager as he sees the tower in the distance. “It, its power, and its subjects will be mine”, he whispers to himself. When the words escape his mouth a small yet familiar voice calls out to him, “Do not lead like this…” ██████ immediately turns to the voice who dared speak to him in such a manner. The voice came from a small child from his side, after glaring at the small one for a few seconds the child disappeared. ██████ shook his head and looked back to the tower, his grip on his throne only strengthened his eagerness to reach the tower. He began to whip the cloth man, “Faster….I command it!”

The cloth covered man begins to strain harder against his chains and you move slightly faster. The crowds along the path cheer and and intervals lash out with sticks.

As the throne moves, the crowds begin to thin and eventually it is only the two of you on the road. you begin to experience the oddest happenings. Once, as you climb a hill, you appear to be getting lower with each step up until you reach the bottom…which slowly flips and becomes the top and your throne begins to slide down the other side. Your mind hurts from what is clearly impossible..and yet it IS. Sliding down the hill, you clearly see that you should be approaching the tower…yet it appears to get further away. You strike out with the whip again and the tower snaps closer and the cloth man begins to run, attempting to outpace the throne gaining speed behind him.

He is too slow. The chain gets caught under the throne.
The chain is cut, freeing the man.
He now runs faster.
He reaches the tower just as your throne chases beside him. Two Massive iron doors rest in the wrist of the iron, gauntlet shaped tower.
He rushes for the door, screaming sanctuary.
You leap for him, your whip cracking across his back.
You both tumble through the door as it opens and then shuts behind you. You feel a pain across your back as you hit the ground.
The room is lit by a single torch.A quill sits next to a metal plate.
The Quill, made of metal glows white hot.
You see names written in a metal plate next to the quill. You know that whoever’s name is written on the plate will grain this places power….

██████ pushes down the cloth man as he stands. When ██████ finally stands he kicks the cloth man, “Now stay and be a good peasant.” When he begins to walk towards the metal plate he hears the voice again, “Remember them, don’t forget who you are, don’t give in to the temptation.” ██████ spins around and discovers the small child at the entrance to the tower, his hand out-stretched to ██████ in a caring and warning manner. ██████ almost seemed touched by the child’s words but he just spun on his heels and marched up to the metal plate. As he grabbed the quill, ██████ felt not only his hand burn from the metal but his mind felt like it was melting as well. ██████ struggled against the quill, he WOULD put his name on the plate and no cloth man, child, or quill would stop him. After moments of agony, ██████’s name was on the plate. As he put the quill down ██████ noticed his hand had no burn marks on them, twas all in his mind. And that’s when…

And that’s when…

…the cloth man begins to laugh. Almost hysterically. The cloth man reaches up for the sack that still covers his face, removes it….

…revealing your own face. The you-that-rules now feels the pain of each strike as if it had happened to him instead of the you-that-wore-cloth.

“Everything that was….was a lie” The child says

The two ██████’s stare at each other…and both scream in pain as a mental spike is shoved into their minds by the other.

The child solemnly speaks. “Do you understand now? Your Wrath gives you power…but it also hurts you as well as those you intend for it to. Can you learn to control yourself…before you tear yourself apart? Because the world you knew was a lie. That fallen world…the one that gave your wrath such power…pales in comparison to the power you now weild…but if you let THEM control you, you will destroy yourself…”

Then space it self warps arounf both ██████s…as they are forced together….the tower melts away and the groud itself seems to loose all meaning. Blackness envelops you….

The humming of a florescent light bulb pulls you from the darkness for a moment…..

A man’s voice " Welcome…to the real world…."

The Birth Of A Ruler

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