Rituals of the Embers of Tomorrow

Instituted by the Hearthmaster of the Embers of Tomorrow, in order to preserve the unity and spiritual health of the Cabal.

Stoking the Communal Fire – A single coal is placed in a brazier for each person in the Cabal. A fire is lit, and an Apprentice of Forces will magically damp the flames. The Lorekeeper will read out the Charter. Afterwards, each member will step forward in turn, make or reaffirm their oaths to the Cabal, and gently blow upon their coal. The Apprentice of Forces will then negate the magic upon that coal, allowing it to flare to life. The Apprentice of Forces will be the last one to swear or reaffirm their oaths. If the Apprentice of Forces is required to expend Mana in the course of this duty, then they shall be recompensed by the Cabal. If no Apprentice of Forces is present, then the flames will be smothered through mundane means, and each member shall ignite their coal by sprinkling a handful of fuel upon it.

The Oath is as follows:

“I (First Name), known to the Awakened as (Shadow Name), swear to respect and support my fellow members of the Embers of Tomorrow, and to bear good faith to them as we work to bring about a brighter future. I vow to steadfastly perform my assigned duties as a member of this Cabal, and to assist my brothers and sisters in their assigned duties.”

“In exchange for this faithful service, I expect shelter within our common sanctum, equitable access to our pooled resources, and a fair portion of our Hallow’s bounty.”

“Should I betray this sacred oath, let me be cast out of our shared sanctum, my case be brought up before my brothers and sisters, and my fate be decided by no fewer than two-thirds their number. Should they be unable to agree upon my proper punishment, let my oathbreaker’s fate be brought before the Consilium for proper judgement.”

“I, (Shadow Name), (First Name) , do swear these things tonight, and forever more.”

This ritual is to be performed whenever a new member joins, when a member is permitted to rejoin after having violated their oath, or a member leaves through death or their own volition. Further it shall be performed every year on the 18th of October, the date of our founding.

Remembrance of the Pyre – An empty funeral pyre is built, in miniature if space is lacking or concealment is a concern, and a small basin of flammable liquid is prepared. Each member of the Cabal, beginning with the Lorekeeper, names a person who has died in the past year and is worthy of remembrance, then sprinkles a few drops of fuel onto the fire.

The proper response is “For (Name of the Deceased).”

The naming will cycle between members as needed, until no names remain. For the sake of brevity, casualties may be grouped together and signified by a common trait, such as “Those Who Died on Nightmare Day.” This does not prevent members of the Cabal from naming individuals from that group. If an individual’s name is unknown, they may be signified by their known attributes, such as “The Woman who suffered that heart attack” or “The Seer of the Throne that I shot to death.”

The proper response for such cases is to use the primary attribute, such as “For the Woman” or “For the Seer.”

This ritual is to be performed every year on November 2nd, All Souls Day, also called the Day of the Dead.

Rituals of the Embers of Tomorrow

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