Pittsburg Post Gazette

GM Note: The Pittsburgh Post Gazette is a actual publication. Its name is used here purely for immersion purposes and in no way reflects the real world words, statements, or beliefs of the actual publication. These are merely fictional headlines and articles meant to show an outsiders perspective of a fictional game

New Attacks on Veteran’s Bridge, Traffic Rerouted

Friday Oct. 21, 2011

Late Thursday afternoon, the terrorist group who struck at Point State Park attacked again, this time bombing the center of the Veterans Bridge. At approximately 4:00 pm, multiple calls reporting a large explosion began pouring in. On arriving at the scene, Police and Ambulances found a gaping hole nearly splitting the bridge in two in the center of the bridge. Nearly fifty cars were found in the water with another hundred or so in a haphazard mess on both sides as drivers attempted to avoid driving into the river. In all 83 people have been confirmed dead, with another 120 being taken to nearby hospitals for various injuries.

One lady, who wished to remain unnamed, found in critical condition, said that a priest appeared there before the emergency services arrived and had performed last rights on her before a number of the terrorist appeared and the priest and several others took up arms against them. This was later confirmed by police and the National guard who said that a firefight had taken place between no less than 10 people. A spokesman for the National Guard also reveled that they believed the terrorist used some sort of cesium bomb was used based on the residue left behind near the hole.

Currently, the police have no suspects in the matter, and advise that everyone be extremely careful in the following days and has placed the city on a mandatory curfew of 10 PM through the weekend while agencies prepare to combat the growing terrorist threat.

Traffic that normally uses the Veteran’s Bridge as been rerouted to the bridge on 16th street. Please keep in mind that due to the increased traffic flow and smaller bridge, travel delays are likely when crossing and plan accordingly.

Pittsburg Post Gazette

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