Observations of The Orders

The Adamantine Arrow: Suppose my guesses about them were wrong. They are not all meat-heads and jocks. From what I’ve learned they are protectors of both Sleeper and Awakened society, a noble goal. So far the members I’ve met are decent and brave folks. I look forward to working with them further. Heh, if I’m not careful they might convert me.

The Free Council: My interactions with the Council have been almost non existent. Only members I seem to talk to are just Morpheus. I know Dio and Ramses are joining the Council soon. Hopefully that will not sour The Council and I’s relationship.

The Silver Ladder: The Ladder is curious to me, as are most of the other Orders. I have limited contact with them unless I count Overman. Had some workings thanks to the Amazon trip but that was about. From what I’ve heard Overman speak of them The Ladder and I might just get along yet.

The Guardians Of The Veil: The one order I know oh so little about. Where I see the Arrow as protectors and such I see the Guardians just taking it a step further (sometimes to much if you ask me). On some cases I might agree with them but on the majority I might not. I guess I’m just weary of them because I know so little.

The Mysterium: Practically my second family. When the…stress of the Embers is to much for my temper I always find myself deep within The Athenaeum’s walls in some book or chatting with my fellow Order-mates. I can only hope I have made good impressions on the higher ups (Sigma and Cronos) along with some others. I always look forward to see what my next tome will bring me and I’m glad The Mysterium has accepted me and I can only hope to not disappoint the Order as a whole.

Observations of The Orders

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