Observations of Potential Subjects

  • OvermanThe Poor Doctor, every time an idea of his is brought up it is immediately shot down. I see the reasons for his decisions, I suppose I am the only one who sees them as they were meant to be. Besides the chatty priest and Noctys, he is one of the most vocal. He will make a fine ally, all I need are the right words and not being one so quickly to judge.
  • GalenaThe Silent Authority, if I did not know any better I would have suspected she be of my Tower…but that would be bad, for her I mean. She was quiet but now with this whole Virginia situation she is starting to vocalize her opinion and opposing other’s. He mastery of the Matter Arcanum and science itself is astounding, though that is just a given. Perhaps throughout this “adventure” her and I shall become fast allies since I see the way she looks at some of her least favorite members of the Cabal.
  • NoctysThe Loose Cannon Acanthus, most likely one of the greatest threats to my rule in the Cabal. He seems to fly off the handle to much so far. He defends Virginia even though she has admitted to the murder of mages! spit If he defends someone of that caliber then what else will he do to bend and twist the Cabal until it finally snaps? Granted he is still powerful, so he can either be a powerful ally or an unfortunate opponent.
  • DioThe Quiet Wiccan Geek, she is not the brooding type of quiet more like the simply quiet quiet type. The only thing I see in her are oddities. She is drawn to the priest for some strange reason (perhaps they knew each other before their gifts, might have to use that). She seems nothing more than the priest’s tool. Perhaps if I pull her away from his presence she can come to my aid instead of his.
  • RavenThe Disapproving Hippie, another silent type (seems to be a running theme in this Cabal). The only thing that really irks me is her somewhat rejection of her gift, one might as well spit in the face of the superiors he granted us these power. If she keeps on that path she might be an easy puppet or a stubborn example.
  • RamesesThe Unwary Shepard, one who seems to try to match me in my own Arcanum (the fool). He will have to guard his flock when he guides them through the Valley of Pandemonium for if he steps out of line with his mind my Wrath will be as swift as my thoughts. He only gets one chance then he earns my anger. He might try to talk his way out of my vengeance but there will be no mercy in the onslaught of his “righteous” mind.


  • OvermanThe Ally Doctor, since our Awakening Overman and I have come to an understanding with each other, I watch his back and he watch mine. My door is always open to his ideas where the other members poke and prod for questions as to why. He is a good ally in this quest of making since of this world and beyond with his knowledge of the Shadow World…perhaps one day I can show him the Astral Realms.
  • GalenaThe Angry Guardian, her anger is becoming more apparent with the other cabal members. At least she knows she is not alone in her anger. Still, I must watch my actions around her least I draw her attention to my…plans. Regardless of all that I seem to get along with her the most out of everyone, we actually joke (seems so long since I’ve laughed). Feels good to have a friend again…
  • NoctysThe Volatile! Narrow-Minded Example! How dare he! He questions me?! His actions have quickly drawn my attention and anger, if this continues I know not if his life will…He claims to mistrust my Arcanum yet he continues his questionable beliefs. Maybe I can convince the others of this and gain some more tools against his growing instability.
  • DioThe Wiccan Tool, my…influence of Ramses’ tool has begun, only time will tell if it will start affecting his power soon. The ‘friendly’ face may help more since she somewhat seems to trust me.
  • RamsesThe Stumbling Ringleader, I can see the way he grits in disappointment as his ‘friend’ Noctys unleashes himself upon everything in his path. He looks at me as he saw my spell on Dio, his useful ‘all-seeing’ eyes. Luckily I’ve planted some friendship in the girl so she might jump to my defense in the future. Eventually he will push me to far with his inane questioning and I WILL put a stop to it.

Update II

  • OvermanThe Neutral Doctor, Overman appears to be on neither side of the cabal, which can be a good and a bad thing. Appears though that my rage drove him away among other things. I will have to make this right by talking to him and explaining my actions to him.
  • GalenaThe Stabilizing Guardian, Since our awakening Galena and I have become close, but I guess it did not hit me until she managed to get me to put down the gun. She always seems how to calm me down no matter my level of rage. I look forward to seeing where this will lead.
  • NoctysThe Infuriating Mule, Honestly at this point it does not surprise me that Noctys and I do not see eye to eye, practically a daily routine. He is beginning to avoid me all together, a pleasant surprise to his stubbornness.
  • DioThe Wiccan Slave, Seems my attempt at ‘friendship’ were all for not since I pulled a gun on Ramses. Still surprised she slapped me, got a reaction at least. There is hope for her yet
  • RamsesThe Frightened Ringleader, Still get a smile when I picture his face when I pulled the gun out, he had it coming after all. Soon he will learn what happens when one crosses me. Granted he still has his ‘leashed’ Noctys but once everyone knows what they were trying to accomplish I make sure to wear something nice along with a shit-eating grin.

Update III

  • OvermanThe Supportive Doctor, since the gun incident Overman has done his best to keep tensions relaxed, so far so good I say. He actually managed to get us all together and get us to talk for some time. Atlantis only knows if it will do us any good.
  • GalenaThe Self-Doubting Companion, Galena seems to be tearing herself apart about the whole Noctys situation even though she did the right thing. I’ve done my best to comfort her doubts, alil rusty at my motivational speeches. Maybe I need to cheer her up more some how…or show her she isn’t alone, after all she never is with me. My duty as a Cabal-mate and a….friend to help her in these dark times of hers.
  • NoctysThe Retreating Pain, finally he is gone. I suppose it is more a bitter-sweet moment, on the one hand I am glad for that…boy’s retreat but on the other it pains me to see Galena at ends with herself and her judgement. But it does not matter, he is gone. May the road either bury him or shelter him as it did for me not so long ago. Good luck…you bastard.
  • DioThe Center of the Web, not sure how I take Dio’s involvement with all these artifacts. Dangerous yet… intriguing. Her mother, or whoever it is, certainly is powerful. I look forward to the exploration of this subject.
  • RamsesThe Lucky Shepard, he is lucky because Noctys is gone. Who knows what might have happened between the three of us, most likely those two dead. But now that his mad dog is out of the picture I suppose I can be civil with him. But first things first, Ramses and I will have to have a little chat about why he thought it was a good idea to go behind my back. After that I’m sure it will all be just…peachy.

Observations of Potential Subjects

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