Kymera's Observations

((This is a collection of Kymera’s opinions on various people, organizations, etc. I figured it’d be best to keep it separate from his journal, which I know I really need to update more, but to be fair he hasn’t updated it In Character lately either, due to everything going on. xD And I’ll try to keep this page updated more.))


Ramses: Probably the most trustworthy individual in the cabal- though that isn’t saying much. Still, he seems to have a good head on his shoulders and means well. I think he has a good moral compass, which is more than I can say for a lot of other mages, apparently. If I have one complaint about him, it’s that he hesitates and seems to unsure of himself at times. While I would never outright blame him for us failing to find Raven first, I can’t help but feel he may have held me back some. Granted, I am fully aware that what he held me back from is at least as likely to have been my own death, but no risk, no gain, you know?

Dio: I’ve known her since before our awakenings, although that was mostly online, due to shared interests. It’s hard to peg her down on some things. I trust her to some degree because I know she means well (usually), but at the same time I know there are some things we will disagree heatedly on. Trouble is, I know full well that she can be just as stubborn as me. In the past I was worried she’d get too friendly with Thrice. Hopefully his recent actions have finally opened her eyes to his true colors, so that won’t be an issue any more.

Galena: To put it simply, I’m frustrated with her. On her own merits, she seems nice enough and reasonably level-headed. And yet despite having never having hurt anyone in the cabal, (despite some strong urges to do so, I’ll admit) she regularly treats me as if I was the most dangerous one around. I may be out-spoken and seem to have a death wish of my own sometimes, but that’s my problem, and need not affect any of the rest of the cabal. And hopefully she sees the real threat in Thrice now as opposed to the imagined one in me. My trust problems with Galena are merely reflections of her paranoia about me, sadly. She’s trained with weapons, which she has access to and isn’t afraid to use. So it’s understandable if I don’t trust her so long as she obviously distrusts me.

Overman: I have kind of a love-hate relationship with this guy. At first it was mostly just disgust and dislike, but I’ve come to respect him, and I even hope we can work together on some projects sometime. I think we both have the same general goals and views on things, but from different perspectives, approaching them in very different ways. We both ultimately want life to be better for people. He’s just taking that damn Silver Ladder route, while I’m taking something more along the lines of the Free Council route. Still, I have to hand it to him for being resourceful. His little “flock” thing shows promise, even if I have to smirk and shake my head at the facade he puts on for it. And if there’s one thing that democracy has going for it, it’s that discussion of opposing views can (theoretically, politics aside) lead to the best solutions.

Thrice: The enemy. The named one, anyway. Theoretically, of course, there are others, but this is the enemy with a face. The one I know more personally. (And intend to get to know even more as time goes by.) He represents the evil I fear a Mastigos can become. He wants to play with peoples’ minds for his own amusement or gain. I’ll have to devote myself as much as I can to drive a wedge between him and the cabal, and counter any plans he may have. Ideally, he could be killed, but that’s too risky right now. And Ramses seems convinced there’s some good left in him worth salvaging. Even if that’s true, it’s too buried in evil to risk it. Beyond that, I also have a more personal grudge against him. The fact is, he knew Raven was my friend- heck, she was nearly part of this cabal and might have been friends with any of us had things gone differently. And yet despite that, he captured her and turned her over to the Mysterium without a word to any of us, and planned on not telling any of us a thing about it until it was public knowledge anyway. I’ll never forgive him for that. Even if he should miraculously turn over a new leaf and give up his evil ways, the best we can ever be is acquaintances.


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Other Groups

The Uratha: Werewolves. What a disappointment. For over half my life, I was what was considered a furry. Hell, I still am. But when it comes to the real thing, it’s a real let-down. They have weird rules and beliefs about the spirit realm. And they’re generally antagonistic to all mages, regardless of whether or not a particular mage even has any ability with Spirit magic at all. They’re so paranoid it puts ME to shame. Hah. Seriously though, they’d kill one of their own kin over an awakening? Honestly, I don’t see how there can ever be a lasting peace between their kind and ours so long as they keep that attitude, despite my initial optimism.

Vampires: Luckily, I still haven’t met any, and hopefully it’ll stay that way until Ramses can teach me how to sling fireballs. I don’t know how much of what I “knew” about them in my sleeper life is true, but even a fraction of it is enough for me to want them gone from this world. All of them. No exceptions. Filthy manipulative blood-suckers… ugh.

The Seers: Ooga-booga, bogeymen. Seriously though, if what I’m told about them is even partially true, there’s good reason to fear and despise them. Trouble is, I never know how much of what I’m told I can believe. They might not even actually exist for all I know. Maybe they’re just an elaborate hoax set up by one or more of the Atlantean Orders to demonize apostates? Either way, I’ll keep a cautious eye out for them, but I’m skeptical to say the least.

Kymera's Observations

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