Kymera's Final Message

Just as Kymera/Noctys is preparing to leave, with all of his belongings in a small, crummy used car in front of the sanctum, he heads up to the attic and eyes the soulstones thoughtfully, before shaking his head and taking a few pieces of tass. After consuming them- with some distaste- he returns to the bottom floor and leaves a note in plain sight for the cabal to see- his last message to his now former cabal mates. He then walks outside, starts the car, and drives off on the road out of town. The note reads as follows:

“It is now more clear than ever that I have no reason to be here. I cannot trust anyone here, and obviously no-one believes they can trust me. I am viewed as a madman if I do anything aside from going with the flow as another mindless sheep. I did not awaken to the real world only to cease thinking for myself. Seeing as how all of my motives are constantly questioned by my so-called friends and allies, I have no choice but to leave. The fact that they would not even give me the dignity of dying and instead tried to preserve me as a potential tool in the future for their own designs only adds insult to injury.

And so knowing I am truely alone, I am leaving this cabal, and the Pittsburgh area in general, to find my own way, on my own. Do not follow me, do no scry on me, forget I ever existed. Consider it my last kindness to you all that I left the tools in the lab and $1000 under the door of Dio’s room. I have taken my things and the rest of my money. I now consider this bridge well and thoroughly burned, as even if I did need help in the future, and desired it, it would likely come at a price I would not accept. I hope that you all see the threat Thrice represents before it is too late, but I know that it is a weak hope.

Kymera (Noctys)"

Kymera's Final Message

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