Galena's Journal

Noctys – free-spirited, strong-willed, naïve. While I believe that all people have certain rights, this does not mean that anarchy should rule. He does not seem to believe in a structured and orderly society, and that fact alone has put me at odds with him. I will keep a wary eye on him so that our Cabal does not fall into utter chaos.

Thrice – observant, cautious, distrustful. A true Mind Mage who understands more than he lets on. He is the closest thing I have to a “friend” in the Cabal, but it has mostly been an unspoken friendship. I foresee him being a powerful ally and one I would trust to have my back. If he learns to trust, I would do the same for him.

Raven – withdrawn, secretive. She seems to have affiliated herself with Noctys, and my feelings about him overflow onto her because of that. I am concerned about this alliance and its potential effects on our Cabal.

Overman – opinionated, contradictory, rash. He has very strong beliefs that are not usually wrong, but he is quick to act on his own. I find myself agreeing with him more often than not, which really makes me curious as to the rest of the Cabal’s reactions to him. (I do wonder about one of his choices, though – he claims to loathe government (and its agents), yet he is leaning towards the Silver Ladder. I hope he finds what he seeks there, otherwise, he will simply be used as a pawn.) With his medical background, I hope he will help in determining the identity of the drug that contributed to our Awakenings.

Rameses – talkative, manipulative, sly. He seems to be attempting to set himself up as our Cabal’s leader, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. Sure, it’s a fine goal to have everyone cooperate, but to what end? Will the rest of us be used to meet his goals, or will we all have a say in the purpose of our Cabal?

Dione – quirky, distant, acquiescent. I feel as if our backgrounds do not allow for us to have much in common with one another. If she doesn’t speak up about things, I fear she will find herself manipulated by others in the Cabal.


Noctys – stubborn, aggravating, secretive. I know that Raven’s death took its toll hardest on Noctys. He is grieving and is starting to grow distant from the rest of the Cabal. I know he feels that the Concilium did the wrong thing, and I’m sure that is frustrating. I hope he does not become completely disillusioned with our society and go off the deep end. We usually butt heads (though, lately, we haven’t seen much of each other), and I think that he is just starting to ignore me and others in the Cabal. This does worry me, as I’m not sure exactly what his plans are. He’s building all these crazy weapons, and I am curious who they’re for. Since he’s growing so distant, I can’t help but wonder if they’re for us…

Thrice – moody, ambitious, guarded. Thrice has shown his ambition with the Mysterium, between handing Raven over to them and going all the way to the Amazon for the tome they asked him to retrieve. He still keeps to himself mostly, but has started to rely on Overman and myself for support. We have become closer friends through our bartending, ammunition therapy, and the Amazon trip. Most of the Cabal seems to hate or distrust him, and I think he’s getting fed up with that…his anger is starting to show in random outbursts. I want to help where I can, but I will still tread lightly in case he starts to push me away as well. I would like to think that he wouldn’t, but he is getting a little unpredictable.

Overman – smart, shrewd, curious. While I don’t necessarily approve of him taking advantage of people’s beliefs with his “faith healing,” I guess it’s not really his fault if people believe him. He is starting to be a little withdrawn from our Cabal as well, busying himself with the Silver Ladder and helping Fawkes with the awakening drug. I respect his desires to distance himself from our Cabal, especially since he is attempting to establish himself in this society, however, I hope he doesn’t become too distant. He is smart and knows what our Cabal needs to do in order to be accepted by the Concilium, and that is something we desperately need. Also, I think Rameses actually trusts him now, and it would be good to have a voice of reason around Rameses.

Rameses – calculating, imperious, reckless. He might have been a priest in training, but I get the feeling he’s told more lies than the rest of our cabal combined. He is a smooth talker for sure. His personal ties to sleepers put us all in danger…attracting the attention of Seers or Guardians! He also endangers the lives of those sleepers, but for some reason, he persists. I think he meant well at some point, but his irritation with Thrice is eating away at him and blinding him to his own actions.

Dio – jealous, vulnerable(-ish), kind. These ordeals with Portia have brought out a different side of Dio. She definitely does have a streak of jealousy in her, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’d be hypocritical to call it bad…I am usually a jealous person myself. While Dio doesn’t have a background in combat/self-defense, she does have her moments when she goes on the attack. She has no problem with confrontation, as evidenced at the Concilium with Rameses and at the Sanctum with Thrice. She seems invincible when angry. She has passion; I hope she can use it constructively to maybe find her mother…or whoever might be posing as her mother. I am a little concerned about the recent contact she has had with this person…hopefully it really is her mother, and she will be able to reconnect with her. Dio has also been supportive of the Cabal in the background…she seems selfless and willing to help. Maybe she can be instrumental in bringing our Cabal back together again…

Second update:

Noctys – He is gone. While I was upset for my part, there is nothing I can do now. I am moving on, and I think the rest of the Cabal is too. I think his departure from us is for the best…hopefully things will be a little calmer now.

Thrice – helpful, determined, comforting. Thrice seems to be changing, and it’s for the good. I know Rameses was the reason behind one of his recent outbursts, but I think the stress caused by Noctys being around brought on more of Thrice’s anger. Now that Noctys is gone, Thrice has been more considerate of everyone else in the Cabal. He helped me come to terms with my decision to attack Noctys. He let his anger with Rameses subside over the course of a day so that we could concentrate on the confrontations Dio has been having with whoever has been contacting her. I think he will do a good job as the Shadow. He has already come up with some ideas to help track Abel, so hopefully we can put an end to that threat soon. We’ve also been able to go out and have fun at the shooting range, and that’s what we’ve all needed lately – fun! He’s actually laughing and smiling more, and I know I’m fine with that…

Overman – uniting, mature, level-headed. Overman has been the one member of our Cabal to actually get us to focus on our internal problems and work to move past them. He is a true Heart, and I think the changes we have made to our roles will benefit everyone in the Cabal. I think if he becomes a leader in our Cabal, he will put us on the right track to accomplish great things for our Concilium.

Rameses conflicted, apologetic, humbled. I’ll be the first to admit it…I was wrong in part about Rameses. I figured him a lost cause and thought that he had gone over the deep end with Noctys. Turns out he is not totally who I thought him to be…I suppose he is just a better actor than I gave him credit for! I guess our situation of being thrown into a Cabal has brought out the worst in all of us. After seeing him shoot Noctys and hearing his apology to Thrice for trying to discover Thrice’s true name, he has come off of my radar, and I hope I can avoid being prejudiced against him because of my miscalculations in the future. In his new role, I think Rameses will thrive…he is already interested in and good at inter-Cabal relations, and his background would lend itself to performing the rituals for our Cabal. WHAT WAS HE THINKING? Promising information to the Guardians that he does not even possess or can lay claim to? Guess I was wrong about being wrong…I can’t even see where he’s going with this. How does screwing over everyone you have contacts with help you in the end? I guess I’m just not clever enough to keep up that many lies or see how building a web of them benefits anyone…

Dio – timid, selfless, protected. While Dio is fiery when those she cares about are threatened, she is cautious about dealing with outside threats. I am worried for her, to say the least. Everything seems to be swirling around her now, and it is all linked together through these artifacts. I think she needs some encouragement to stay strong in the face of the things that are happening to her. It is time for her to step up and make the decisions about the things that involve her, not be shuffled around by what others think she should do. I hope when we go to DC, she will be asked or will offer her opinions on our next course of action.

Galena's Journal

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