Embers of Tomorrow


Embers of Tomorrow was created not to unify the seven mewing mages of our story together in common cause – for none such could be known as yet. Rather, Embers of Tomorrow was created to procure the blessings and privileges of arcane society and as a promise of great things to come. Only time will tell if this venture bears fruit for the involved parties, if the Embers can promote a positive change upon the tenuous political environs of Pittsburgh.


Overman: Going by the name Will-o’wisp within the cabal – Overman is a driven yet lost soul seeking meaning in the world of spirits. Outsiders simply think his moniker means he is a doomed soul and prone to pulling others into a similar predicament; Overman’s rough and brash personality does little to deter such rumors.

Thrice: In the cabal will be known as Smolder, though he seems to take a liking to Thrice but he cares not which name the others call him. Most seemed suspicious of Thrice since he doesn’t say much and sometimes distances himself from the cabal.

Embers of Tomorrow

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