Dio's Diary

Views on the Others

Noctys – a little overzealous about his beliefs, wanting to protect others at the cost of himself. While it is noble, it tends to lead to trouble.

Thrice – a quite guy, but still interesting. There were many within my coven similar to him. Once I get to know him, I think we have some things in common.

Raven – While I liked her at first, the fact that she told her lycan breatherin about us and the school makes me worry about where her alliances lie.

Overman – While my beginning with Overman was rocky, there are some aspects of his beliefs that I agree with. His eagerness to please those of higher power is somewhat admirable.

Rameses – Mic… er… Rameses was a good friend the short time I knew him before this. He hasn’t truly changed.

Galena – The ex-cop makes me a little nervous, if only because I don’t feel cops did enough on Mother’s wreck.
Dear Mother in Heaven,

This group is very different than the coven. Everyone has their own agenda and doesn’t seem to be good at working towards the same goal. I still have my issues of not speaking up often, I am trying to fix that in this new life, but it is hard. I fear being looked down upon for my past, my beliefs and my views on the world… and the fact that I look 12…

The issues we are dealing with are greater than anything I have ever dealt with before, it’s hard to find allies within out group, outside of Michael Rameses.

We met someone who has killed mages in the past, her family being “blessed” by wondering priests with the ability to fight against them. While I dislike that mages did evil things to her family, I don’t believe she was justified in killing others. Noctys seemed, at first, to feel that she didn’t deserve to die, but in the normal world, she would have been killed for her crimes. Mages are no better than normal humans in the eyes of the law and thus, I feel, she needs to be killed so she doesn’t kill again. But, as Galena actually pointed out, it’s not our place as we are new to the world and laws of mage society. If they can use her to find a cure for the “blessing” upon her family, we could save a lot more lives…worth it.

Moishe Dione, Acanthus

Dio's Diary

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