After the fight with the apostates, Overman is creating the spirit door. Galena goes over to Thrice in the woods.

Galena: Are you alright?
Thrice (not looking at her, he wipes some blood off of his face): So far, so good.
Galena (confused, reaches out to squeeze Thrice’s arm): I’m here if you need me.
Thrice (still looking away): I’m fine, Galena.
Galena started to say something else, but just sighed quietly and turned back to the rest of the group.
Later, Galena goes for a walk outside the potheads’ house…

Well, I did it again. I’m getting really good at overstepping boundaries. I know his type…I know better than to try to expect trust so soon. At least logic kicked in and I held my tongue before I made it worse. His similarities to my old friend are clouding my thoughts towards him…no one will replace Logan, though Thrice reminds me so much of him. The joking around, the outbursts (towards others, never me), the anger…yet peace, confiding in me, and the…protectiveness?

Maybe I am transferring my feelings for Logan onto Thrice…they treat(ed) me exactly the same way, so I guess I feel comfortable with Thrice because it’s like a continuation of my lost friendship with Logan. I suppose that maybe it was all in my head that Thrice felt comfortable around me.

I guess I will keep my distance for awhile…I don’t want him to feel completely alone, but I don’t want to do things to make him even more withdrawn, either.


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