In the middle of the night Galena receives a text from Thrice: You awake?

Galena: Am now. :) You ok?

Thrice: Sorry…suppose I am okay. Just can’t sleep. Too much going on in my head.

Galena: It’s ok. What’s wrong?

Thrice: It’s…complicated.

Galena: Um…ok…anything I can do?

Thrice: Idk…just hard to explain over phone.

Galena: Do you want to come up, then?

Thrice: Sure. Gimme a sec.

After a few minutes, Thrice knocks on Galena’s door. Galena opens the door and has a concerned look on her face.

Galena: Hi.

Thrice (waves at her, but looks tired and worried): Hey. Can I come in?

Galena (looking worried, too): Of course.

Thrice (walks in, sits on the floor, and sighs): Well, I guess I should start with a question. Do you know what a Daimon is?

Galena (walks over to Thrice and sits down across from him): No.

Thrice (eyes wandering around Galena’s room): Well, a Daimon is essentially a mental guide in a person’s personal soul, The Oneiros. Each one is different and unique like the person it is based off of.

Galena: Okay…

Thrice (waving his hand alil): Sorta like a Jimminy Cricket…but in your head

Galena: Okay…

Thrice (gripping the bridge of his nose, wrinkles his brow) I’m not doing a very good job at this.

Galena: I’m sure you are…but what is “this”?

Thrice: Explaining my…issues.

Galena: So, you’re telling me you have one of these Daimon things?

Thrice: Well, everyone does.

Galena: Oh. Ok, then…

Thrice: But…I’m…different…

Galena: …how so?

Thrice: I…have three.

Galena: You have three consciences, essentially?

Thrice: So to speak…yeah. Each are a different part of my personality. (he shakes his head) I must sound crazy…"

Galena: No…luckily, you’re the only person I know who even knew they had these…so it doesn’t sound all that weird to me, I don’t guess…How does that work? Are they all telling you different things?

Thrice (bobs his head back and forth): Sometimes…but sometimes they tell me the same thing. I mean ‘they’ all do what ‘they’ think is best for ‘us’.

Galena (thinks for a moment): …wow.

Thrice (nods): I know this is a lot to take in Galena, but I figured someone eventually would find out…so I figured better you than anyone..

Galena: So, this has been going on since your Awakening?

Thrice nods.

Galena: Ok, what exactly is causing your “issues”?

Thrice: One of the three…my…anger

Galena: Oh…I see…

Thrice: Yeah…

Galena: Can anything be done about it?

Thrice (Shrugs): I’m not really sure. I was planning on going to speak to Jasmine tomorrow since she has been helping me with this problem

Galena: Oh…well, that’s good…I’m glad someone else knows more about this than I do. Is there anything I can do to help?

Thrice: Honestly Galena, I don’t even know what I should do to help…

Galena: Well, if there is anything I can help you with after you’ve gotten some insight from Jasmine, let me know…I’ll gladly do what I can.

Thrice (with a small smile): I’ll let you know…and thanks.

Galena (smiles back): Anytime.

Thrice: So…(he looks to the floor)…does this change how you feel…?

Galena: Of course not. You’re still the same Thrice.

Thrice looks like a weight has been lifted from him as he breathes deep.

Galena (smiles at him): Is that why you looked so worried?

Thrice: (his right index and thumb form small parallel lines) Alil.

Galena (laughs gently, then changes back to serious/concerned): So you’re not worried about the Daimons?

Thrice: Only one but he has been…tame recently.

Galena: Well, that makes me feel some better…I thought that’s what had you so upset.

Thrice: Luckily two of them are on my side. Granted so is the third but he is just more…aggressive. But luckily all of us can agree on certain key things…

Galena: Certain key things?

Thrice: Abel…The Seers…and, (he blushes deeply as he looks at Galena)…you.

Galena (smiling): Well, I’m glad about that last one. Would hate for any of them to be disappointed.

Thrice (His eyes quickly look away as his blush persists): Yeah…don’t think you could ever disappoint.

Galena (laughing): Thank you, but I am still human…

Thrice: I know that Galena…but still. You’re the first person I’ve trusted in…a very long time.

Galena: Well, I’m glad I can be here for you. Everyone needs someone to have their back.

Thrice (places his hand on Galena’s): I can only hope to repay your kindness.

Galena (smiling): You already have…you’ve been looking out for me for awhile now.

Thrice (smiling): Well, we have both been looking out for each other so I suppose we are even.

Galena: I suppose we are then. So you said Jasmine has helped you before…what was she able to do?

Thrice: Nothing yet, just been addressing the issue. Heh, not something you can just fix in a second.

Galena: Well, yeah…was just curious as to what is possible in this case. Though, it sounds like a rare thing, I guess. Had she ever encountered someone with multiple Daimons?

Thrice (shrugs): Not really sure, have been tempted to look up some stuff in the Mysterium Library to see if something similar.

Galena: I’m surprised you haven’t yet…what’s kept you from doing that?

Thrice: Just everything that’s been going on really.

Galena: Yeah…hasn’t really been much of a break, i guess

Thrice: Yeah…

Galena: Are you planning on telling the others about this?

Thrice (slowly shakes his head): I’d rather not…who knows how worse things would get if they found out. They’d trust me even less. Maybe go as far as to say I was a danger. (His eyes look back and forth while going over the possibilities. He almost looks scared.)

Galena (looks at him with concern again): Do you think it would be better to let them know so that they know what you’re dealing with? I mean, at least they won’t just think you’re an asshole lashing out for no reason

Thrice: Better an asshole than a possible security risk or worse… (he looks to her) Everyone is entitled to their secrets.

Galena: Approach it differently…like…‘hey, I know this is an issue, and I’m working to get it taken care of.’ Do you not see it as a possible security risk?

Thrice (Grips the bridge of his nose) I don’t know Galena. I just wanna handle this quickly and quietly.

Galena (puts a hand on his shoulder): And I want the best outcome for everyone…I don’t want to referee fights that your subconscious picks, or whatever. I’m not saying that you haven’t had the right to be upset in the past, because I think you have. I just think the Cabal is at the point where one more major problem will destroy it. If it gets handled quickly, then I think it could be handled quietly. But if it takes too long and something else happens, you’ll have to let everyone else know. I’d prefer that you let everyone know now, but at least I think Overman should be made aware since he’s the Heart. I don’t want to make you do something you don’t want to do, but this kind of does affect everyone.

Thrice (looks to her hand and smiles): What I’ll do is I’ll go to Jasmine tomorrow, find out what to do, then I’ll tell Overman. That okay?

Galena: I think that sounds like a good idea. (she smiles back at him)

Thrice (nodding): Sounds like a plan then.

Galena: Good. I hope she can help you out.

Thrice (mouth twists) What do you think was on that page for Rameses?

Galena (sighs): I have no idea…but I don’t really like the idea of working with the Guardians. I suppose it’s up to him who he uses as friends, but I don’t think they simply work with someone completely unrelated to them because of ’mutual interests’.

Thrice (nodding): Yeah…not sure if it’s gonna work out with the Guardians.

Galena: What do you think it was?

Thrice: As much as it infuriates me, I’m gonna leave it alone. He is digging his own grave I think.

Galena: It’s possible. I don’t want anything bad to happen to him, but I’m afraid he will get into more sticky situations

Thrice (shrugs): Eventually he will learn…maybe.

Galena: I hope so.

Thrice: Yeah…(he stretches) Don’t worry about it Galena, least with my…situation. It’ll work out. But thank you. (his hands grasped her hands)

Galena (squeezing his hands back): Anytime. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you.

Thrice (looks her in the eyes) Just…keep caring.

Galena (she pulls him into another hug): Of course.

Thrice holds her tightly, she could swear she felt tears on her shoulder. He does his best to sniffle quietly.

Galena (pulls away slightly to look at him) Are you ok?

Thrice (Eyes watering, he nods while his right hand moves between them) Yeah…just…this…is nice…amazing even.

Galena (smiles and snuggles back into the hug): I agree.

Thrice (smiles through teary eyes) Thank you for all this…

Galena: This is what I’m here for. No need to thank me.

Thrice (smirks): Didn’t realize you were the new Heart.

Galena (smirks back): Would you rather go hug Overman?

Thrice: No thank you, I’ll stick to hugging you.

Galena (giggles): That’s what I thought.

Thrice (smirks while looking her in the eyes): Yeah…(head tilts) Ya know, I still think one day I’m gonna wake back up and realize all this (he waves his hand) was a dream….yet…(looks to Galena) I remain.

Galena: (She smiles.) Fortunately, this isn’t a dream. Or, if it is…(smirks) we’re both having the same dream, and that would just be weird.

Thrice: (smiles as he taps his forehead) Great minds.

Galena: I suppose there is that, though, you’re the Mind Mage…not me.

Thrice: (smiles as he gets close to her) I suppose I could teach you then.

Galena: Never hurts to try.

Thrice: (smirks) It’s a date then.

Galena: (smiles) I’d like that.

Thrice: Me too…

Galena: Tomorrow, maybe?

Thrice: After our things? Most def. (He laughs softly) I’d say if we it wasn’t so late we could start now.

Galena: Sounds good, then. And yeah…though, this is just as good (smiles)

Thrice: (he holds his arm then slowly rubs it) Heh, ya know when I first found out you were FBI I was alil nervous…

Galena: Oh? Why?

Thrice: Cause…(nervous laugh) figured you would find out about me…

Galena: …about what?

Thrice: (looks away) Well…ya see…I’m a runaway…

Galena: (she looks shocked) You left your family?

Thrice nods.

Galena: (the shocked changes to sad) Wow…what happened?

Thrice: (smirks, still not looking at her) The usual case, trouble at home…nothing physical, just trouble.

Galena: …I’m sorry…I don’t know what to say…

Thrice: You shouldn’t apologize…not like it’s your fault.

Galena: Well, yeah, but I hate that there was trouble for you.

Thrice: Well if there wasn’t….I wouldn’t be here.

Galena: True. But still…I can’t even imagine…did you just leave one day?

Thrice: (nods) After I graduated…So…(he thinks)….about four years ago.

Galena: Wow…did you tell your family or just leave?

Thrice: I just left.

Galena: (She looks away) Gosh…I’m going crazy here without being able to even really call my parents…(she shakes her head to get rid of that thought and looks back at Thrice) Sorry. I’m glad you ended up in Pittsburgh, though.

Thrice: (smiles) I’m glad I did too. I guess since I’ve been on my own for so long and now I’m interacting with people again yet I have all this…luggage I guess….

Galena: Yeah…I guess it probably has been difficult.

Thrice: (nods slowly) It has been.

Galena: You seem to be getting on well with the Mysterium, at least. Hopefully things will get better with the cabal…

Thrice: (smirks) The Mysterium likes me mainly because I brought them Raven…for that reason the cabal hates me.

Galena: (she sighs) I know. And really for no real reason. She left us…and who knows how much information she gave the werewolves.

Thrice: (his fists clench) It doesn’t matter to them…

Galena: I know…and that doesn’t make any sense. (she sighs again and looks down) I’m just glad you didn’t get hurt any worse when Raven attacked you.

Thrice: (he absent-mindly touches his chest) They will never understand…they didn’t see her the way I did.

Galena: Well, neither did I, but I guess I’d already written her off as a threat.

Thrice: They seem to resist me at every opportunity I try to make improvements to our situations…I’m just getting tired or all of it.

Galena: I know. I guess they just don’t see where you’re coming from. That’s the bad thing about how our cabal was made…no real common ground except that we all awakened at that moment…

Thrice: Ramses does his best to ‘understand’ (air-quotes) my reasons…but I really don’t trust him after what had happened when we came back from the Amazon.

Galena: To be honest, neither do I. He seems too comfortable with lies…too much of a diplomat trying to make everyone happy.

Thrice: (shrugs) It matters not, he will not earn my trust again.

Galena: I hope at some point we can all trust each other…I just have a hard time with self-serving people. I don’t know why he feels like he needs to protect himself from the rest of us…

Thrice: Probably because he has something to hide…we all do, it’s human nature.

Galena: I suppose so.

Thrice: (shakes head) But enough about that…let’s talk about a lighter subject.

Galena: (smirks) Yeah…so, how ’bout them Steelers?

Thrice: (smirks) Well yeah, meant more of the whole getting to know each other thing…

Galena: (giggles) I know. Well, what do you want to know?

Thrice: (scratches head) Not really sure…Why don’t you start?

Galena: Well, I’m not from around here either…grew up in the South. Like I kinda mentioned, I, well…was…close with my family. That’s been the hardest thing for me, I think.

Thrice: (puts hand on her shoulder) It must be hard for you…the South is a pretty big place…I…was from there too

Galena: (she smiles weakly) Yeah, I used to talk to them every day. Not so much anymore. But that’s a pretty big distance to come…did you know anyone up here, or was that the point?

Thrice: (shakes his head) I came to escape.

Galena: Yeah, I figured as much.

Thrice: Yeah…did my best to abandon my past…

Galena: I don’t know why that makes me sad…I guess it’s just easy to take what you have for granted. I’m sorry your home life sucked…and your new “family” hasn’t been great so far either…

Thrice: I don’t consider the cabal my family…The Mysterium has that title…the cabal is more like roommates.

Galena: I guess that’s a good thing…

Thrice: (nods and smiles) Besides can’t be interested in family

Galena: (she smiles back) very true…

Thrice: (laughs alil) Though, considering where I’m from it would be okay.

Galena: (chuckles) Oh, that far south?

Thrice nods.

Galena: It’s funny how we all have that reputation…‘Oh, you’re from down there? How many cousins/siblings/farm animals have you screwed’?

Thrice: (laughs) Yeah, almost forgot about those

Galena: (laughs too) Good stuff. So…do you think your family has been trying to find you?

Thrice: Sure hope not. And I don’t really care anymore.

Galena: Sorry…I’ll quit bringing them up…it’s just such a foreign thing to me…

Thrice: (smiles) It’s okay Galena.

Galena: Well, I already know you’re a great cook…what else do you like to do?

Thrice: (slight blush) I don’t know about great. As of late I’ve really become quite dull. With the whole Three of me thing, surviving being a Mage, and everything in between.

Galena: (she smiles at his blush) I know…we haven’t really had down time to speak of. What did you do before all this, though?

Thrice: Well…before I moved in I use to play my harmonica…and before that my sax…before that I use to read and such…

Galena: I played sax in high school, too! Did marching band and all that.

Thrice: (smiles) Common ground.

Galena: (she smiles too) Yep. What’s your favorite book?

Thrice: Well…the last book I read was…some book by Stephen King…had to do with some Tower and a Gunslinger.

Galena: Hmmm…never read Stephen King…my imagination is too good for books like that…

Thrice: Well I haven’t read in years….

Galena: Yeah…it’s been awhile for me, too. At least a couple of years.

Thrice: Haven’t played since I left my apartment.

Galena: I’ve tried since high school…it’s hard to pick back up.

Thrice (nods, then chuckles): Suppose my new hobbies are keeping the other Me’s in check and investigating

Galena: Don’t get too caught up in it, though….you still need time for you.

Thrice: (waves hand) Beh, I’m not that interesting.

Galena: Me either, but you have to do things that make you happy, or at least something that helps you unwind from stress

Thrice: (smiles as he looks to her and holds her hand) This. Makes me happy

Galena: (She smiles back) I’m glad we’ve found you a new hobby, then

Thrice: (chuckles) Yes…holding hands. What a passion of mine (big grin)

Galena: Whatever works for ya.

Thrice: (smiles as he leans against her) Thanks…for staying up to talk

Galena: (wraps her arms around him again) Anytime…I like talking with you

Thrice: (wraps his arms around her) Alabama.

Galena: Close….Tennessee for me.

Thrice: (smiles) so close.

Galena: But, Pittsburgh now. So, that’s even better

Thrice: No…not Pittsburgh…

Galena smiles and enjoys the hug quietly. Thrice continues to hold her, no tears this time.


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