Close Visitors On A Dark Night

You are restless, your mind refusing to turn off. Every sound, every creak of every board, the squeak of every spring in every bed, every drop of rain hitting the window to your massive room, adds together in a chaotic symphony. The shadows warping in the flashes of lightning. A small part of your subconscious wonders what moros is using death magic to shape these shadows until you recognize that familiar tingle across the back of your neck signifying active magic is missing. You close your eyes, trying to ignore the onslaught of noise and retreat into your mind, an area where you know you are master with your powers. For a moment it seems to work… And then you hear the brush of chainmail, the settling of two iron shod feet on the floor. You feel a weight lifted from your mind and hear a clank next to you. Your eyes shoot open, and you see a horned helmet, with spikes along the ridges, sitting on the bedside table. Two iron gauntlets soon join it. “This has worked well…I now have a place to rest, a source of power, some who trust me…others who properly fear me…and I didn’t even have to do anything! All I had to do was let that passive knave act as if he was in charge for a while, while I gather all his information.
Probably just as well…that annoying acanthus might have died if I had gotten my way and I wouldn’t have all of this…”

In the corner, there is the beggar you, wearing the molten gauntlet, whimpering as you gather up a few rags for warmth. Temperance, the child, stay near you, trying to comfort you with the knowledge that all will be right in the end.

“Of course…I did have to let the passive one wield the power….and there is that damnable cherub who won’t…Stop…..TALKING!” Temperance pauses for a moment…. “So knave…what will it be now? Will you cling to impassivity? Will you pick up the strength you hold in your hand? Will you cower before trembling might?”

Thrice looks all three of him-selves in the eyes, Wrath’s boiling ivory, Temperance’s soothing forest, and Innocence’s unkempt spring grass. Thrice looks at Wrath, he knows what Wrath wants, to rule over Thrice and rid himself of the other two (and possibly the cabal as a whole since he seems to only see weakness in most of them)….and even though Thrice agrees with most of what Wrath thinks, it just doesn’t quite fit with who he is. Thrice grips his covers and stares at Wrath, “I will tell you what I am going to do! I will NOT take orders from beings who are part of my subconsciousness! But mistake me not from some whimpering babe wishing for sustenance from its mother, I will crush those who stand in my way, granted since I have the power now.” As his anger grew, Thrice felt his head get heavier. Thrice felt his head to discover that Wrath’s crown was upon his head. Wrath smiled, “See, even now my influence is strong while you two whisper to him to do this and that for it is ‘right’, bah!” Thrice takes in a deep breath and exhales it slowly, with each breath the crown starts to disappear. “Like I said,” Thrice says after the crown is gone, “none of you shall control me.” Wrath glares and Thrice with intense anger, his lips curl into a snarl, “How dare you!” With that Wrath draws a sword from no where and stabs it into the floor. Thrice did not flinch for he knew it was coming, after all they were all him. Thrice leaned back in his bed, “What a sad ruler you are indeed, ranting to your ‘subjects’ who care not for your words….I almost pity you.” With that Wrath seemed to grow larger as he stomped towards Thrice. Wrath actually grabbed him by his collar and lifted him up slightly, “LISTEN HERE YOU UNGRATEFUL RUNAWAY! IF IT WAS NOT FOR ME YOU MOST LIKELY WOULD NOT HAVE LEFT THAT PITIFUL HOME OF YOURS! YOU ARE IN MY DEBTNOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!” Wrath then slammed Thrice’s head against the wall. Thrice felt dizzy after the impact but was then warm…or at least his head was for it had blood running down it.

Temperance immediately jumped to Thrice’s side and examined the wound, “Dear God man, why would you do this to yourself?” Temperance wasn’t just looking at Wrath though, he was also looking at Thrice too. Thrice seemed confused but didn’t really care at the moment since Wrath just tried to bash his head in. Thrice sat up straight and stared right into Wrath’s eyes, “I am in control, I may not be able to fully stop you yet but I WILL gain the power too, and when I do…we shall see who is the ruler and who is the puppet.” Wrath’s hair began to bleed a little as Thrice spoke. Sword still in hand, Wrath stepped forward at Thrice. “You speak bold words for a…man who has yet to prove himself among his peers. While the priest, doctor, and acanthus go about running the Cabal you sit back and watch it all happen. Even though I normally would not mind that approach this time should be different since WE have the power to influence.” Thrice clinches his fists, “I have the power to influence yes, but I will only use it at MY discretion, you do not have a vote in the matter.” Thrice slowly slips back into his bed, as if trying to escape this…place via meditation, but his body is grabbed by two strong armored arms. “You cannot escape that easily, for you are in our domain now.”

You struggle under the weight of the oppressive arms, but wrath seems to slowly be besting you. The others watch in shock.

You feel a flare of power, a strong icy presece blows down your back and with a staggering thud, Wrath is thrown away from you and into a wall.

“This is not your domain either, Damion, and you will find your strengths less able to withstand the true powers here, a calm, solom female voice intones. You are at the service of your Lord and Master!”

“HE IS NOT WORTHY! ONLY I POSSES THE ABILITY HARNESS THE POWERS AND SHAPE MY WILL!” Wrath sneers at you as you blink confusedly, “Even now, he is forced to be protected by someone else instead of standing for himself…”

“You will learn your place, Damion, and this Mastigos will put you there.”

You begin to fade into a dreamless sleep. “When you are ready, you will find me and I will guide you through your journeys and dealings with the astral plane, Thrice.” the female voice intones. You disticntly feel a memory being placed inside of you, but can’t seem to bring it to the forefront of your mind to see what it is. “When you are ready to find me, you will find you already know who I am….”

You wake up, back in your room, feeling slightly more centered. But you have this throbbing headache…and a large knot on your forehead…..

Close Visitors On A Dark Night

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