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Nightmare Day – Cause and Effect, Blog entry: 101

Greetings readers, its the first anniversary of Nightmare Day – as you no doubt know. I expect the ‘powers that be’ to continue using this iconic date to push forward their inhuman legislation for years to come. Even know the lobby groups they use as fronts are rushing a law through congress that will allow them to tag both our digital identities as well as our actual bodies. Placating the foolish masses with such comments as, “If another Nightmare Day comes – we need to know where everyone is to better utilize our rescue operations.”

Readers, you know my stance and beliefs on Nightmare Day, but I will repeat them here for this momentous day. The death of so many people in such close temporal proximity can be accomplished by several means. That the deaths were not set to a location – as could be accomplished by orbital microwave weapons (which do exist) means their must have been a kill switch targeted within the masses. True, several puppets of the elite died in the event. Several presidents and diplomats – yet I assure you the shadow brokers were unaffected by their own plots. I believe the trigger to have been a bit of genetic code found in roughly ten percent of the global population. That such genes were not more regionalized gives pause – but the building blocks of who we are goes back into the birth of humanity so it may well be something they discovered from humanities inception that we all have a chance to express.

Many with their heads buried in the sand may ask what the elite have to gain from such whole sale murder, so much death? Think back to the days before the event, the record unemployment the flailing global economy. With the death of so many the world stabilized – unemployment evaporated in a month and global economies slowly crept back after the worst of the trauma passed – galvanized even by the event. It should be noted that Japan lost very few people, with the reduced demand of decreased global population – their nation has fallen into even worse straights. Perhaps as an example the elite could point to if their plots were ever brought to the public eye.

I’m working on something big now – I’ll keep you all informed.

Confronting the Truth – Farewell or the Next Step?

Sorry, I’ve been gone a long time readers. That “Something Big” held me up, or should I say caused me to be held. In the end, the path I had found was forged by another and they feared that I was an enemy – in the end I am an ally.

When one seeks to change the world – toes will be stepped upon. We have both expressed our apologies to one another and in the end I learned a great deal. I encourage my readers out there to show tempered curiosity and courage, we are not the only ones that stand against the enslavement of humanity. Those that held me are another group – one with actual power and purpose in the fight for our freedoms. They saw the common purpose in me when we crossed paths – there is a whole society out there that sees the truth, past the veil of lies of our elite “masters”. I stand with them now – and I have the tools to fight our oppressions. Much of what I could reveal, much of what I have learned, is to dangerous to speak about here. In truth, the good I can accomplish with this informative blog now pales to what I can do in the temporal world. I implore those out there who would stand against the Lie, reach up to rend the Veil, and to claim our freedom – come to me and share in the secrets I have learned. If your mind and body are willing, seek me out at Roborto Clemente Park in Pittsburgh when the sun rests it head upon the Earth. Turn you back upon the sun and look to the shadows and my eyes will find you – truth is easier found with a guide.

I have appreciated your support and kind words throughout the years – to many of you this is good bye. Just remember, I fight for you still and more fiercely than ever.

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