Awakening of a Wiccan

You open your eyes….

…and you see yourself surrounded by flames. Flames that do not burn. The start yellow, but slowly turn silver, much like the marks on your arm. You hear a voice. A voice like your grandmothers, but not. Somehow more…mystical. “Fire. The most chaotic of elements. Fire brings life…and death. Heat….and burns. It is both one necessary and undesirable. It is the least easily controlled of them all. Much as you have been. Much as you will be.”

The fires split apart, and you find yourself surrounded by thorns. No matter where you look, thorns bar your passage. You can just make out a silvery glow in the distance. Not having anywhere else to go, you begin to try and crawl through the thorns towards the light. The thorns cut into you, seem to squeeze all around you. You crawl for what seems like hours…and you don’t seem any close to being out…but you can’t tell where you came from either…even the traces of blood that should be obvious are missing. You hear your grandmothers voice again, more normal this time. “Why don’t you give up this crazy path…I always knew this Wicca would get you into trouble and know you’re here and I’m in a hospital. Can’t you just be a normal girl? What would your mom have thought?”
“Even before this, I was never normal! I was abused and bullied! This was the only way to make the pain stop and to protect others like me. Mother understood, she was the only one who ever understood… the fire in my heart cannot be extinguished… especially now that HE has re-entered my life…”

Stefini gritted her teeth and continued along the thorny path.

“This pain… this pain is nothing compared to what I’ve been through…” She spoke to the voice of her Grandmother. “You have no idea the hell I went through before coming to live with you… the hell of losing my mother… the hell of my father running off with the woman who almost made me non-existent… the hell of hiding who I really am behind shadows and darkness…”

She wiped away some blood on her cheek.

“I will not let this get the better of me… I will become a stronger person, to protect the ones I love and to protect those like me! This mark on my arm is the proof, that I can and will control the burning fires of humanity, even at the cost of my own. Do you hear me Fate? I am my own person and I will save my Grandmother from your grasp, along with everyone else! You are not our mistress any longer!”
As you finish your shouting, the thorns clear and you stumble into a lush green meadow bathed in moonlight. A quarter crescent hangs overhead directly over a tower in the distance surrounded by thorns similar to what you just crawled through. A river winds through the meadow…but upon closer inspection, it is flowing backwards to the base of the tower. A boat is nearby, with a lantern handing off its bow. An ever-burning flame is floating within it.

You hear your mother’s voice calling you to the boat. Climbing in it slowly begins to float towards the tower. When you reach its base, you see the base of it is a confusing knot of thorns. “You’ve been given a chance to make sense of this chaos, my daughter. Shape the fires of Chaos to your will…..”
Stefini glares at the thorn knot before reaching out to tear into the knot, to unknot it, not caring that the thorns could tear her skin wide open. Wounds were nothing new to her, as the scars on her legs show. She knew she needed to see the inside of this tower, that somehow it would lead to the truth of what happened to her mother, and she would do anything to see it.
You tear at the thorns, feeling them cut into you. You keep pulling, but don’t seem to be making any progress. In anger, you look around, grab the lantern from the boa, and smash it against the tower.

The fire from the lantern flows like liquid and the thorns retreat, giving you a momentary opening into the tower. You dive forward just as the thorns try to close back, barely making it through. Your clothes are torn to shreds and covered in blood.

You glance around the inside of the tower. Somehow, the moonlight seems even stronger here. You hear someone move…

..and turn to see a lady standing there, with the three moon symbol on her forehead. In one hand she holds a book. In the other, she holds a clear ink jar, containing ink similar in color to the marks from the fire that are on your arm.

Her voice sounds very similar to your mothers, but still obviously different. “My child…you have suffered so….but it is not for naught. Will you sign with me and gain the ability to find the knowledge that you seek?”

Stefini rubbed at the mark on her arm absentmindedly.

“…the ability to find the knowledge that I seek… to find the knowledge I…”

She stepped forward, reaching out before stopping. “What about Michael and the others? Will I have to abandon them for the sake of the Goddess…? I… I don’t want to leave him again…”
The goddess closes her eyes for a second, she seems to fade slightly before re-solidifying. “I understand why you ask my child…you have had to give up so much…but I cannot see clearly their futures. Or yours. A great change is occurring, and even in the simplest of times, the future is hard to read. Even with the power to change fate and time, no outcome can be certain…but you can help guide yourself and others to certain outcomes with my gift.”

“I can give you this consolation…taking this gift will not directly lead to you loosing him. Whether actions taken because of this gift…or if He will lose YOU….is unseen”
Stefini closed her eyes and took a deep breath before stepping the rest of the way towards her. “I accept your gift, m’lady” She took a quill, dipped it into the ink and signed her name into the book.

Stefini Rae Weisel, high-priestess in training to the Goddess, daughter of the Moon
The moment you finish signing the book, you FEEL time. Like a spider’s web, it branches in every direction, each split representing a decision. You see the whole worlds history, and realize that at one time powers like this were not hidden away…but that world had fallen to what you called your life. Now, though, you feel the power of the ancients rushing through you as more webs appear. Visions of this web build upon one another, until your whole vision is filled with white.

“You have been given my gift…now it up to learn to use it to find your answers….”

You hear the hum a flourecent lightbuld.

Dimly, you hear a voice…. “Welcome…to the Real World…..”

Awakening of a Wiccan

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