Amazon vs Pittsburgh

Galena goes to her room, changes clothes, and sits on the end of her bed, obviously waiting…

This thing with Dio…between her visions and the computer talking to her, and the ring…is it a threat? Is it someone just messing with her, or do they really mean her harm? Or, is it actually someone who is trying to help? I guess it could be her mother…heck, at this point in time I’d believe anything. I hope we can agree on who to ask for help. I don’t really feel comfortable owing favors, but if that’s the only way to figure this out, then we have to. I understand Overman’s idea of taking this to the Guardians, but I think I would be more comfortable with the Mysterium. I want to be able to believe the information that we’re given, even if it is far less than we would get from the Guardians. It won’t do us any good if all we get is lies. Besides, we could always use the Guardians as a back-up plan if we get nothing from the Mysterium.

She goes to the door, places her ear against it and waits for a few moments. Once she is sure everyone else is settled in the house, she pulls the pillow and quilt off of her bed and quietly sneaks to the couch downstairs. She tucks her pistol under her pillow and snuggles down to try to sleep, but her mind won’t cooperate.

You know, I was actually starting to get used to the quiet. Not that the Amazon was without its troubles, but it certainly wasn’t a freakin’ three-ring circus. How soon we forget about the crazy. Apparently, the crazy were plotting against some of us while we were away. What is their problem?!? How am I to protect us from ourselves? This needs to be resolved…and fast. We can’t be running around snooping behind each other’s backs. The cabal is endangered from this petty bullshit. We might as well all just kill each other now and save our enemies the trouble. Let our “cabal” be an example to the Concilium—6 strangers do not a cabal make.

And, I’m not gonna lie…Thrice scared me tonight. I may have to play tough, but I’m really not as strong as I should be. I guess you never get used to standoffs. Besides, he was just plain scary…the look on his face… That’s the third time in a week he’s exploded like that…and that’s not the Thrice I’m used to. I mean, I do understand…he’s done a lot for the cabal and done what he thinks is right, and they just throw it back in his face. Now, they’re trying to find out Godonlyknowswhat about his past and possibly use it against him? Rameses is blinded by his anger…it would be so easy for someone to get revenge…I’m pretty sure he still has strong connections to his sleeper life. He makes himself and those he cares about vulnerable and then pokes a sleeping tiger? Not wise.

And then…afterwards…a completely different Thrice showed up…he was apologetic and subdued…just within minutes of threatening Rameses. And…was it what I think it was? It almost felt like Halloween again. Couldn’t have been. I’ve been avoiding that for so long…it’s almost been a year since… She forces herself to not think his name… And then Halloween comes along and my stupid brain has a relapse. I’ve come so far in the last year and become so independent…and I have to stay focused to keep us all alive. Besides, I can’t afford to lose the best friend I have…not again…and especially not now.

Amazon vs Pittsburgh

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