A Ruler's Journey

Edward Brown opened the door to his New York apartment, threw his jacket onto the coat rack, closed the door, and finally slumped down into a nice, comfy chair. He lets out a long sigh as he pulls an electronic cigarette from his pocket. Puffs of water vapor exited from Edward’s lips and nostrils as he sat in the chair while looking out a small window towards the city in the night. After a few moments of relaxation, he rubbed his nose, “Can’t believe it’s been five years. Seems like so much longer…” He laid his head back against the chair, closed his eyes, and did his best to recall the events of the past years. He arrived in New York with a few grand in his bag, no car, no home, and looking for a new life. Luckily Edward found a job soon after a few people took notice of his culinary skills. Within his first year in New York Edward was working at a high end restaurant with pretty good pay. The next year, after Edward started getting settled into the city was becoming familiar with the locals he met a man who caused him as much adventure as suffering, Christophe Ricardo.

That day was a dreary one at best, raining and storming. Everyone at the restaurant was on edge at the time for there were known robberies of high end places, mostly restaurants. The day was uneventful until Christophe walked into the restaurant and sat at a table nearest the kitchen, he always wants to watch the cooks. Edward met Christophe’s eyes, nodded to the man, and continued his job. A few hours past through the restaurant when the front door was kicked in. “Attention customers of this fine establishment,” A male voice rose over the surprised crowd of people, “please remain seated and this will all be over soon.” The female hostess began to panic as a man waved a gun in her face. Edward took a peek out towards the front of the restaurant he saw five armed men walking through the place while waving pistols at the patrons. The only thing that seemed out of place to him was Christophe for he was the only patron who remained calm and did not take his eyes off the armed men. After a few moments, the armed men reached Christophe who continued to stare while casually sipping on some wine. “You,” one of the men said to Christophe, “empty your wallet.” Christophe looked up to the man, “And why should I do that? I mean who is to say that you might come back for more of my money? But if I resist you would take my cash but not my more…vast cash.” The five armed men stood in shock as Christophe spat his words to the men. “The fuck is that man doing,” Edward said as he watched the scene unfold. The man who spoke to Christophe put the gun inches away from his head, “Don’t you get it dumbass! If you don’t give us what we want you will DIE!” Christophe’s eyes went cold as he eyed the man, ignoring the gun, and then smirked, “Well when you put it that way…” when he paused Christophe’s hands shot up, took the man’s gun, and pointed it at the man, “how can I refuse?” The men and Edward’s eyes widened as Christophe continued to smirk. “You…how…did…you,” The unarmed man stammered as he stared at Christophe. “Now,” Christophe waved the gun at all the men, “what are we going to do about this very…interesting situation.” At that moment Edward had retrieved his pistol from his locker and was right up against the door to the front of the restaurant. Edward sighed as he clicked the safety off, “Can’t believe I’m doing this.” He slowly pushed open the door and pointed it at one of the men, “Mr. Ricardo.” When Edward spoke the men turned towards him and fired a few rounds near him. Edward cursed as he ducked back into the kitchen while the men peppered the wall around him with lead. Christophe took the opportunity to stand up, slide behind his table and open fire at the men. The unarmed man went down with a bullet to the head while the rest of the men took cover from Christophe’s fire with some over turned tables. Edward sprinted out from the kitchen and fired at two of the men who went down in surprise. After a few exchanges of fire, Edward found himself in cover where Christophe was. Both men checked their ammo as the fire seemed to stop. “You okay Mr. Ricardo,” Edward asked.
“Yeah I’m fine sir, and call me Christophe since you have saved my ass…at least so far,” Christophe smirked as he peeked out from the side of the table.
Edward smiled, “Yeah, I suppose I did. I’m Edward.”
“Well Eddy,” Christophe looked to him, “shall we finish this dance.”
Eddy smirked, “Yeah, my feet are getting kinda tired anyways.”
A few moments passed and then both Eddy and Christophe slid out from their cover and a firefight ensued.

Over the next years Eddy and Christophe managed to stop all the major restaurant robberies as well as take out a few gangs. Later in their friendship Eddy met some of Christophe’s…friends? A strange bunch of people: a grungy looking animal lover guy, a guy (at least Eddy thought it was a guy) in head to toe of latex and cloth, and a very…unique looking doctor who reeked of decay and terror. With further communication between him and Christophe’s people Eddy soon discovered that they were all vampires, the notion seemed ridiculous but Eddy had seen some pretty weird stuff in his years.

Eddy was slapped awake by a powerful slap. “Hey! Wake the fuck up! Where have you been?” Eddy sprung up to discover a man with blood red hair, wearing full chain mail armor, and a sword hung on his belt. “Thrice, where have you been,” Wrath angrily spoke to Thrice who just rubbed his cheek. “Geez sorry, had to work late.” Wrath scuffed, “And which job was this?” Thrice stared at Wrath blankly, “My freelance job.” When Thrice first arrived in New York he went straight to the city’s consilium agreeing to be help where he can, later with Christophe and the consilium’s contacts Thrice was able to rid more gangs as well as apostates and even helped ease tensions between a few select groups of super naturals in the city. “Ah,” Wrath nodded, “well I suppose you are doing some good.” After a few moments of silence Temperance and Innocence appeared beside Thrice. Innocence sighed, “I still miss Pittsburgh and the others.” Temperance pats the child on the head, “I think we all miss that place little one, but it was for the best since tensions were getting…high.” Wrath snickered, “Wouldn’t mind getting back to the action though…still have some unfinished business.” Thrice leaned his head back, “Well at least now we don’t have to worry about anymore trouble from…” A knock came from the Thrice’s door. “You order anything,” Wrath looked to Thrice even though Wrath knew the answer. Thrice stood up and walked over to the door, “No I haven’t.” Thrice walked up to the door and stood next to it, “Hello, who’s there?” A voice, sounded somewhat familiar, came from the other side of the door, “Ah, so you are here. Thought you could hide from me did you?” Thrice cocked his head to the side, “Who are…” Thrice was cut off when his door was blown off its hinges and was flung into his apartment. As the dust was settling a man stepped into in the room, he wore a long black coat, matching black shirt and pants, black combat boots, dark sunglasses, and in his hands he held a shotgun. “So it wasn’t just a voice double,” the man looked to Thrice with a vicious grin on his lips. Thrice looked to the man, “You might have me confused with someone else sir…who are you exactly?” The man continued to smile as he shouldered the shotgun, “Ah right, you haven’t really met me but you know me Thrice. After all…you do have a file on me.” Thrice’s eyes widened and his heart raced, “ABEL?!” Abel spread his arms wide, “Ding ding ding, we have a winner ladies and gents, now to claim your prize.” Abel pointed his shotgun at Thrice who was now running through his apartment as Abel fired at him. “Now,” Abel said over the gunfire, “let’s see if you really are up to snuff you runaway. You thought I wouldn’t find you, you think I didn’t have a file on you and your friends?” Thrice calmed himself, “What have you done with the Embers?” Abel laughed, “Oh nothing yet, you are the first I am after. So please make this interesting for me.”

Thrice’s cover began to fill with holes and shotgun fire while he eyed across his hallway into his room. After a few moments of gunfire the shotgun silenced and clicked to tell its owner it was empty, Abel cursed as he realized he was out of ammo completely. Thrice took the opportunity to run across the hallway, dive into his room, and slam the door closed. “Great,” Wrath growled, “HE’S here. Well at least we can finally stick this bastard once and for all.” Temperance and Innocence helped Thrice up while Wrath stretched and unsheathed his blade. “Oh Thrice,” Abel called out from the other room, “don’t tell me you’ve already called it quits have you?” Thrice gritted his teeth as he rushed to the back wall of his room, pushed aside a lose panel, and armed himself with his pistol. “Alright you son of a bitch,” Thrice calmly spoke while he checked the ammo and clicked the safety off, “let’s see how dangerous you really are.” Thrice quickly opened his door, ran for the nearest thing he could find, a column, and began to rain lead upon Abel who proceeded to take cover. “So you haven’t lost your fangs,” Abel said over the gunfire. Thrice unloaded a clip into Abel’s cover while not a single shot was fired in return. Why isn’t he fighting back, Thrice thought as he reloaded. “Why are you fighting me by yourself,” Abel called out, “why aren’t the other three helping?” One of Thrice’s eyebrows arched up, “Other three? It’s just you and me bud.” Abel laughed, “Oh please, I’m not as dumb as your other opponents and some of your allies. I know what is really going on here. You can’t fool me.” Thrice stood there for a moment, not sure what to say or do. “Big whoop,” Wrath spoke as he stepped out of the room, “he knows of us, doesn’t mean he can see or fight us.” Abel looked at Wrath, “Oh believe me,” Abel said with a smirk, “I can see you.” Wrath stopped walking for a brief moment and then smiled, “Well then, this will be a lot more interesting than watching from the sidelines.” Wrath began to run towards Abel while Thrice fired at Abel. “Ah, now I suppose I should bring my friend out now,” Abel smiled while he made some quick gestures. Shit, Thrice thought, he was stalling for a summons. Wrath neared Abel as he finished the gestures but Wrath’s blade thrusted forward towards Abel’s chest. A fist, covered in what looks like some blackened, hard substance, appeared at the end of Wrath’s blade and stopped it. In front of Abel appeared a near perfect copy of him with a few differences: the copy wore no trench coat, his eyes were yellow, and his teeth seemed more canine. “Well well well,” the copy spoke smoothly while his fist grinded against Wrath’s blade, “looks like I’ve got a play date.” Wrath grinned while he gripped his blade tighter, “Now this IS interesting.” The copy released Wrath’s blade and soon both the copy’s arms were covered in the blackened substance. Thrice eyed the copy, “An understanding of Life and Matter then?” Abel smiled wide, “You catch on quickly Thrice, shame you and the others will be dead soon.” The copy ripped off its shirt to reveal it’s blackened torso as it and Wrath prepared themselves for the battle to come. Thrice pulls up his gun, aims it at Abel, and squeezes the trigger. The copy, with lightning reflexes, knocked the gun out of Thrice’s hand and then delivered a quick smack to Thrice’s side. Thrice felt a rib crack and spit up a little blood as he tumbled to the floor. Wrath turned towards the copy, “You might be fast but can you stand up against me!” Wrath thrusted his sword at the copy who quickly caught the blade in his hand. The copy smiled, “Oh I believe you will be no trouble at all.” Thrice shakily got to his feet while he held his side, “Life…definitely Life.” As Thrice stood up somewhat straight he noticed Abel was in front of him with a big shit eating grin on his face. Abel swiftly punched Thrice in the side who grunted in pain and stumbled back. Abel spread his arms wide as he approached Thrice, “You see, even with all of this power we are still mortals with pains and aches.” Abel grabbed Thrice by the hair and pulled him up to meet his eyes, “And you my good sir…have caused many aches and pains to my superior.”

Wrath and the copy fought furiously but the copy was quicker than Wrath. Wrath grew angrier and angrier as the copy blocked his slashes and stabs. The copy’s hands began to shape the tips of its fingers into claws as Wrath’s blade was caught between its fingers. “So where is the other,” Wrath growled as his blade sparked against the copy’s hands. The copy cocked its head, “The other?”
“Yeah, the other persona…the angel to your demon.”
“Oh, him,” the copy smirk, “he’s dead, me and the master killed him.”
Wrath smiles, “So no back up then?”
The copy leaned in close to Wrath, “It’s just you and me.”
The copy’s head suddenly had a foot in its head connected to Temperance. Temperance landed next to a surprised Wrath. “What the hell,” Wrath spoke, “was not expecting you.” Temperance rolled his shoulders, “Well you looked like you needed some help.”
Wrath slashed his blade in the air, “Huh, didn’t know you knew how to fight there peace boy.”
Temperance readied himself into a martial position, “You weren’t the only one to study what the Arrow was teaching.”
The copy steadied himself while wiping some blood off its lip, “Well now things are interesting.” As the copy stepped towards the two its entire body became encased in the blackened substance and its face took on a more sinister feature. “Now,” the copy bellowed as it tensed its body, “let us see how good you two really are.” Abel pointed Thrice’s head towards the battle, “Ah, now here’s something we can both enjoy.”

The copy’s hands met Wrath’s blade with eagerness while his face took a swift, powerful series of kicks and punches from Temperance who did so while he jumped over the copy. The copy’s face scuffed a little after Temperance’s assault but seemed to quickly heal as he smirk while he met Wrath’s burning eyes. As Temperance landed behind the copy he quickly turned and unleashed a flurry of punches into the copy’s back. The punches barely seemed to effect the copy who continued to hold Wrath’s blade. Wrath gritted his teeth as he gripped his sword’s hilt, “I’ll end you now!” Wrath furiously headbutted the copy who’s head sternly met Wrath’s head. The copy’s blackened head grinded and sparked against Wrath’s crown. The copy viciously smiled as Wrath’s blade started to bite its way into the copy’s hand. Temperance jumped into the air and landed down onto the copy’s back which caused the copy’s hands to be cut deeper from Wrath’s blade which became wet with blood. The copy winced slightly in pain which gave Wrath the opening he wanted. Wrath jerked his blade free from the copy’s hands and jabbed it towards the copy’s throat which the blade heavily scraped against causing a few flecks of blackened substance to rip off the copy’s skin. The copy began to reel backwards but before he could swing back Temperance jumped down onto him, wrapped his legs around the copy’s neck, and flipped forward while throwing the copy against a column. As soon as the copy hit the column Wrath’s blade became embedded into the copy’s hands pinning it to the column. The copy roared in pain as it tried to break free but was only met with resistance and Wrath’s gauntleted fist. The copy laughed as Wrath continued to punch it, “You think you can harm me with simple punches you fool!” Wrath smirked, “Not trying to hurt ya, just opening you up.” The copy cocked its head as Wrath stepped sideways revealing Temperance who was finishing making mudras and was walking towards the copy. “You see,” Temperance stated calmly as he strode forward, “we now know that that substance on your skin is incredibly durable.” The copy smirks and was about to speak but Temperance cut him off, “But…after I watched the substance in action I have discerned the components of the substance and now I can finally break it…and you.” The copy scoffed at Temperance, “Like you could do anything to-” Temperance placed his palm onto the copy’s stomach and a flash of magic engulfed the apartment, it was blinding. When the magic stopped the copy’s blackened substance was completely gone. “You will pay for that you fool,” the copy bellowed at Temperance who just stood there calmly. “No I won’t,” Temperance calmly spoke as Wrath pulled free his blade and placed it firmly in the copy’s throat. Wrath pulled his blade free from the copy who’s body slowly falls to the floor but quickly vanishes into nothing. Wrath and Temperance turned towards Abel who was still holding an injured Thrice. “Huh,” Abel said while releasing his grip on Thrice, “that was unforeseen.” Wrath grinned, “Maybe now you can see your death now mister high and mighty, let our faces be the last you see you smudge of mage society. May your name be forgotten in tongue and text. After your death we will deal with this superior of yours, probably some stuffy looking old dirt bag.” Abel smirked as he placed his hands behind him, “Oh you deluded persona, if you knew who my superior is you would be truly scared.” Wrath laughed, “You fool! I fear no man!” Thrice slowly stood up and looked to Wrath, “Idiot, he’s stalling again!” Wrath glared at Abel who just smirked. Wrath rushed towards Abel who continued to stand there. At the last moment Wrath side stepped Abel who became slightly confused but soon regretted that thought as Temperance leapt into the air and brought his fist down onto Abel’s head. Abel stumbled back, blood trickling from his head, but his smirk continued. Abel slowly raises up his hands revealing sigils upon both of them. Abel clapped his hands together and a flash of magic came to be. As the flash ended both Wrath and Temperance were met with fists in their faces and they slid back towards the back of the room. Thrice looked towards were Abel is and noticed the change. Abel’s body was more muscular, his eyes sharper, his fists sterner, he had formed claws as well, and lastly the blackened substance from the copy was now flowing around his skin. “Well now,” Abel said happily as he flexed his arms, “this should be fun.” Thrice eyed Abel and then eyed his gun towards the wall. Thrice ran towards his gun but Abel quickly met him and pinned Thrice to the wall. “You see Thrice, this is real power!” Thrice felt his vision start to go as he met Abel’s eyes, “You may have this ‘real’ power but I have backup.” Almost on que Temperance and Wrath appeared behind Abel. Wrath’s blade slid off of Abel’s skin while Temperance’s fist barely did any thing against the tough substance. “Ah right,” Abel said while turning his head, “the others, I suppose I will have to deal with them. Then you.” Abel spun his arms and knocked both Wrath and Temperance back down the room and gave chase. Abel quickly appeared in front of Wrath who was starting to stand up in front of Thrice’s door. Abel delivered a swift, powerful kick to Wrath’s stomach causing him to break through the door and skid to a halt close to a bookshelf in the room where Innocence was standing. Abel stepped into the room, looked at Wrath and Innocence, and then his eyes went around into the room and his eyes caught something in it. “Oh now, what is this?” Thrice then heard Innocence’s voice, “He found it!” Thrice and Temperance looked at each other and then ran full tilt towards the room to discover Innocence standing in front of the bookshelf with Abel looming over him and with Wrath clutching onto Abel, doing his best to slow him down. Thrice and Temperance jump onto Abel who continues to walking towards the object that has caught his eye, Thrice’s soul-stone. Thrice looks to Innocence who looks to him, “Fail safe!”
“Fail safe,” Innocence asks
“Yes! NOW!”
Innocence began forming mudras quickly and soon the whole room began to glow with energy. Within seconds Abel and Thrice collapsed to the floor and Wrath, Temperance, and Innocence disappeared.

Abel appeared in an open arena and reached out to nothing in front of him, “Got it!” After a brief moment of confusion Abel started looking around to discover Thrice at the other end of the arena with a door to his back. Thrice stood tall in front of the door while facing the more powerful Abel. Wrath, Innocence, and Temperance all stood up in the seating portions of the arena looking down towards the two mages inside the arena. “What is this,” Abel looked to Thrice. Thrice spread his arms, “This…is my consciousness, you are on my turf now.” Abel smirked, “Oh really now, and what makes you think I won’t just leave right now?” Thrice smiled and stepped aside, “Because behind this door is my past life…and my name.” Abel froze for a moment and then a dark smile crossed his face. “Ah, so I have your attention now.” Thrice made a quick fluid mudra and suddenly a blade appeared from nowhere in his hands. “So then you bastard,” Thrice said as he readied his blade, “shall we finish this long overdue dance. To see who will walk away the better person. You….or I.” Both men stood still for moments as they examined the other. Motion soon followed, and finally action.

Abel’s claws and Thrice’s astral blade meet in the middle of the arena while the two men stare down each other. Thrice could feel Abel’s physical power but he stood his ground and gripped his hilt tighter. “Ah,” Abel spoke as he leaned in, “now this is something I was looking forward to. Now where did this power come from?”
Thrice smirked as he pushed his blade forward against Abel’s claws, “Well you see, you are in my realm now. My head, my dojo, and also….your demise.” The blade began to bite into Abel’s hardened skin almost as if the skin was normal. Abel quickly jumped back from Thrice and looked to his hands, “The hell?”
Thrice flicked his blade downward causing some blood to splatter onto the ground, “Also…your magic is not as strong in my head. So…point to me.” Abel opened and closed his “bleeding” hands as he angrily glared at Thrice. “Now the tables have turned, your end is near,” Thrice coldly stated as he walked towards Abel while his ghostly blade scraped against the ground. Abel stood his ground for a moment then suddenly rushed forward at Thrice with his claws aimed to kill. Thrice’s blade came up quickly and blocked Abel’s claws. Thrice’s blade managed to slice through Abel’s wrist and a few fingers on his another hand. Abel grunted in pain as he stumbled away from Thrice who stood there with blood splashed across his torso and blade. Abel gritted his teeth in pain, “You think this will slow me down at all?”
Thrice smirked, “No, but I plan on this to.” Thrice then quickly sliced off Abel’s other hand with ease.
“You sonuvabitch,” Abel screamed at Thrice as he watched his hands fall to the ground. Abel rushed towards Thrice who easily sidesteps the rush and then stabs his blade in Abel’s side. Thrice pulls the blade free from Abel’s side and then slices his throat open. Thrice watches Abel gurgle his own blood and then leans down to Abel, “I guess you lose.” As Abel fell to his knees and then to the ground he faded out of the arena. “Alright then,” Thrice turned towards Wrath, Temperance, and Innocence as his blade disappeared, “let us return to our guest shall we.” Innocence nodded to Thrice and then made quick mudras and soon all four of them disappeared out of the arena and out of Thrice’s head.

Thrice opened his eyes and saw he was back in his room with an unconscious Abel and Wrath, Temperance, and Innocence. Thrice slowly stood up, walked out of the room, picked up Abel’s shotgun, walked back into the room, and cocked the shotgun. Abel began to groggily stir, mumbled speech. Thrice leaned down to Abel and made sure he could understand him. Thrice tapped him on the head with the shotgun, Abel turned towards Thrice. “Hello again,” Thrice said with ice in his eyes, “now goodbye forever.” Thrice pulled the trigger.

After disposing of the body properly, Thrice sleepily returned to his apartment. “So you took care of him,” Wrath asks as Thrice entered his room. Thrice nodded as he changed into more comfortable attire and took a meditative sitting position on his floor. “Going back in,” Wrath leaned over to him.
Thrice opened one eye, “Yeah, I need some time to think for our next move. Abel. His superior.” After a few minutes of meditating Thrice opened his eyes and discovered he was standing on a dock over an ocean of The Void. Thrice stared out into the ocean for hours, hoping for an answer from the inner world. Thrice shook his head and started to stand up and turn away. As he turned his head his eye caught something across the ocean. “That can’t be right…shouldn’t be anything over there.” After a few spells Thrice magnified his vision to discover what was across the ocean, five figures in motion. The first figure appeared to be Thrice but more lean and taller. The figure was slumped against some sort of statue. The figure seemed to be doing well except for the metal protruding from his chest. The figure seemed to still be breathing but was quickly fading as he looked up at what Thrice could only assume was him meeting his death. The second figure was him from the past, a little heavier set but still him. The figure was slumped against a blood stained wall with a bullet hole in his head. Thrice winced at the scene as he quickly looked to the others. The third figure looked similar to the second except he was alive and looked relatively happy. Next to the figure stood a woman, a woman from Thrice’s past. Thrice clenched his jaw as he saw the figure’s and the woman’s happiness. The fourth figure did not appear to be Thrice or any variation. The figure sat behind a desk with a plaque upon it which read: Los Angeles Library. The figure looked about ten years older than Thrice, wore glasses, had very close cropped hair, and wore a button up shirt from what he could see over the desk. Another figure approached the desk, a woman on fire. The woman approached the desk enraged and gripped it while the figure cowered a bit. The fifth and final figure looked nothing like Thrice or the fourth figure. The figure stood tall while the sun blazed down upon him. The figure’s hair was sandy blonde while streaks of grey in it. The figure wore a dark blue shirt , just as dark blue pants, a golden breast plate, and golden bracers which seemed to glow at the ends with some form of magic. A woman of flame appeared next to the figure but unlike the previous woman this one walked up to the figure and held his hands and leaned against him. Between some of the figures Thrice noticed lines of some origin, maybe fate or some other magic. One flowed between the first and fifth figured, one between the second and third, and one between the fourth and fifth. Thrice cocked his head, “How are those connected?” Eventually Thrice shook his head, “Oh well. Thanks The Void….I think.” After a few moments Thrice disappears out of the inner world and back into his room.

Thrice awoke to the noise of a phone buzzing on top of his night stand. The phone was not his it was Abel’s phone, he wasn’t going to need it anyway. Thrice picked up the phone and looked at the caller I.D.: Boss. Thrice clicks the phone on and places it to his ear. A familiar voice comes over the phone, “So Abel, is the target taken care of?” Wrath, Temperance, and Innocence watch as Thrice’s eyes widen. “Well,” Thrice spoke angrily, “ONE of us is taken care of.” Silence followed on the other end of the phone. “I see then,” the voice finally answered, “appears my little game is up Thrice.” Thrice grips the phone, it starts to crack. “Becket,” Thrice gritted his teeth. Becket laughed on the other side of the call, “Ah, so you do remember me after all this time.”
“You know I’ll be coming for you,” Thrice yelled into the phone, “it was you all this time! Abel was your dog!”
“I’d expect nothing less from you Thrice,” Becket said with a smile, “you always were…aggressive.”
“Good,” Thrice said through gritted teeth, “well then I have to go. Ya know, plane to catch, jackass to kill, and all the bullshit. So bye.”
Thrice ended the call and threw the phone against his wall. After a few moments of profanity and frantic packing, Thrice walked up to his desk and sat in the chair. Thrice pulled his phone out and started scrolling through his contacts while eying a picture on his desk, a picture of The Embers of Tomorrow. In the middle of the picture Ramses and Dio were kneeling on the ground while holding each other and smiling. Over to the left of Ramses and Dio, Overman stood straight as Slyth and Silverwing were to both sides of him. Finally to the right of Ramses and Dio stood Galena and Thrice. They held hands as smiles were on their faces. Thrice smiled as he found the contact and dialed.
“Hey. It’s me…yeah, I know it’s been awhile. Well look, I’m coming back.” Thrice chuckles a bit, “does it really matter?…but anyways, I’m coming back because trouble, as always, is coming our way….Rather not explain over phone,” Thrice sits and listens to the other end of the call while smiling. “Well I was about to head out to the airport now to get a flight out there A.S.A.P. so ya might wanna start getting some room ready for me.” Thrice stands up during the conversation and finishes packing. After a few minutes Thrice headed to the door and was about to leave his home for the past few years but he turned back into the room, looked around, nodded, and closed the door. “Alright,” Thrice said into his phone as he walked out of the apartment, “I’m leaving now. Hopefully see you by the end of the day. See ya soon Galena.” Thrice hung up the phone and started his journey back to Pittsburgh.

A Ruler's Journey

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