A Night To Remember

In the middle of the night Galena’s phone buzzes/rings. A text from Thrice appears.

Thrice: I’m sorry…

Galena: It’s ok…Are you alright?

Thrice: I’m fine. For now at least. I need to ask you something and I would like the truth.

Galena: Anything

Thrice: Are you…scared of me?

Galena: Only once…when I thought I would have to shoot you to make you not hurt Ramses

Thrice: But not anymore? Cause if so, I’m not trying to scare anyone especially you Galena

Galena: No, not since then. I’m concerned for you, but you haven’t scared me.

Thrice: You shouldn’t be concerned for me…doesn’t seem like anyone else is…

Galena: Thrice, that’s exactly why I should be concerned! Besides…you’re my best friend…I just want to look out for you. Is there anything I can do?

Thrice: I…I just…I just don’t wanna be alone anymore. Everyone else just keeps away from me. Granted I guess either cause of how I act around them or my past actions.

Galena: You’re not alone. At least I’ll listen no matter what. I suppose to have everyone else back on your side; maybe we should work on your anger? That seems to be what’s driven everyone else away.

Thrice: My anger…if only it was that easy to make it disappear. I know you’ll listen that’s why it’s you I’m talkin to now instead of anyone else…

Galena: You seem to make it disappear when you’re talking with me…that proves you have some control.

Thrice: Cause I don’t want to scare you…or worse

Galena: But you do want to scare…or worse…the others?

Thrice: It’s not that. I guess it’s just different with you and me…

Galena: If not that, then what is it? I mean, I know you and Ramses had trouble in the past, but you’re making it sound like you can’t control it when I know you can.

Thrice: It’s hard to explain Galena. One day I will be able to show you though, hopefully you’ll think no less of me

Galena: I suppose I have no choice but to wait. Why would I think less of you, though?

Thrice: Cause of what you’ll see

Galena: Ok, now you’re scaring me a little…you can’t just tell me?

Thrice: I don’t mean to scare you Galena. It’s just easier to show you further down the road

Galena: Well, I guess not so much scare as making me worry…

Thrice: I’m fine for now, Galena. We will just have to wait til this whole Shiva thing and Abel thing are dealt with. We don’t need more stress right now. All we need…is each other

Galena: Our Cabal mates should be more important than other problems…if we’re not 100%, we can’t expect to fight them well.

Thrice: Exactly

Galena: What I’m saying is that we should take care of you first.

Thrice: Like I said though, that might take awhile to do. Lol can’t just flip the anger switch off

Galena: Then why can you with me?

Thrice: That…is something that I feel shouldn’t be said til most of our outside problems are dealt with

Galena: We have a never-ending line of outside problems…one gets solved or moved out of our line of focus and another just takes its place…

Thrice: I just don’t feel it’s the time or place, Galena

Galena: Sorry…just venting there. Seems like can’t catch a break.

Thrice: It’s ok. We all need to vent some. And we will catch a break sometime

Galena: I hope so.

Thrice: We will Galena

Galena: Thanks for talking with me tonight…I was worried earlier…I didn’t want to do anything to upset you.

Thrice: You could never upset me Galena…not sayin it as a challenge, just saying it to say it

Galena: Lol…I’ll try not to disappoint.

Thrice: I’m sure you won’t. You haven’t so far.

Galena: I should have recognized what you were feeling earlier…I mean, I did that same thing to you during the whole Noctys thing. So I suppose I owe you a belated apology. I’m sorry for stonewalling you.

Thrice: Heh. We will call it even.

Galena: Works for me :)

Thrice: Least until you pull my ass out of the fire, lol

Galena: Well, then I owe you once again…I couldn’t do anything tonight…it all happened so quickly. I’m just glad Overman was able to heal you.

Thrice: Yeah…guess he did save me. But doesn’t matter you’re the one who checked up on me. Next time I’ll be sure to respond properly.

Galena: It’s alright…I understand.

Thrice: Have you ever killed anyone?

Galena: Yes…a few people. Mostly before Awakening…one since then. They were less…personal though. Before, it was for my job. And after was during the attack on the bridge.

Thrice: Suppose mine was personal. Maybe more self defense since I’m pretty sure the kid was tryin to kill me first…but I don’t think that matters to the others

Galena: Well, I say personal because you had interaction with him first and he did try to kill you. With mine, they were all just targets. In hindsight, there’s some regret, but I know that if they’d gotten the first shot, they’d have killed me just the same. I think tonight was more self-defense…or at least protecting the cabal. If Dio had stabilized him, he could have become a threat again. He certainly had the means to cause harm.

Thrice: Yeah…okay. I need to ask a weird/stupid question

Galena: Ok…

Thrice: On halloween…did you feel anything strange going on or something?

Galena: With that spirit, you mean?

Thrice: Yeah…

Galena: I know it affected most everyone…but somehow not me as much…why do you ask?

Thrice…No reason…just was curious about that weird night

Galena: It got to you, huh?

Thrice: ….it was that obvious?

Galena: Well, I mean, yeah…a little. But everyone was acting weird, lol. For me, it was like being the only sober one at a frat party.

Thrice: Sorry sorry sorry. Gosh I hope I didn’t weird you out too much. I mean you did look nice in that costume. The hair was a nice touch too…and I should shut up before I make it worse x.x

Galena: Lol…worse?

Thrice: Yeah…

Galena: How is a compliment (or several) worse?

Thrice: idk. In case they are taken the wrong way. Didn’t want you go and thinkin I was some creepy perv or something.

Galena: Lol…I know you’re not. But I have a weird/stupid question now.

Thrice: Okay?

Galena: Was it just the spirit?

Thrice: Why…why do you wanna know that?

Galena: Nevermind…dumb question. Sorry.

Thrice: …I didn’t know about the spirit til the next day…I thought they were my own…I still think they are…

Galena: Really?

Thrice: …yes…

Galena: I tried to keep myself from hoping that…but I’m glad I don’t have to :)

Thrice: ?

Galena: Well, that night, I was obviously confused…but I was kind of hoping that it wasn’t just the spirit’s influence.

Thrice: …why is that??

Galena: …I like you too, Thrice :)

Thrice: (Galena hears something drop from the next room followed by quick movement to pick it up)I…uh…don’t know what to say…

Galena: …well, me either now…

Thrice: What happens now?

Galena: Ummm…lol…I have no idea. Never really done this before.

Thrice: Lol what is this?

Galena: Well, I’ve never gotten this far anyway. Me saying what I just did in the past never turned out well, lol.

Thrice: That seems unlikely to me. A…beautiful woman like you getting turned down? Next you’ll be telling me I’m the pope (big smile). Actually I’m surprised it turned out so well…my track record isn’t that great.

Galena: Thank you, but I suppose you’re the pope! I’m surprised about you too, though…I guess most girls are just dumb :)

Thrice: Guess I’ll need my hat then. They aren’t dumb just the one I went after was…scared.

Galena: …scared?

Thrice: I’d…rather not talk about it. Painful past and unwanted memories.

Galena: Of course…sorry. Lack of sleep affecting thought processes, lol.

Thrice: Lol it’s okay Galena. Didn’t mean to keep you up even later but I guess things needed to be said…

Galena: No worries…I was awake. And yes, I’m glad we talked :)

Thrice: So…why me?

Galena: Why would you ask that? Funny, caring, handsome, sweet…what’s not to like?

Thrice: Idk. Guess being by yourself for so long will do that to ones self image. Just figured you outta my league is all lol

Galena: I suppose we see ourselves the same way then…I’ve just always been “one of the guys” to my guy friends.

Thrice: Then I suppose we both got lucky then. Guess it was a good thing I moved here then :)

Galena: Very true…and same for me :)

Thrice: Alright then, before we hit the hay I wanna do something real quick. If you’ll allow a simple mind spell that is :)

Galena: …ok, I suppose?

(Galena feels a tug on her mind. When she accepts it her and Thrice’s minds are connected. In the shared space Galena sees herself and Thrice in an empty room. Thrice smiles as Galena steps in. Within moments Thrice embraces her. “Thank you Allison. Thank you for caring.” Galena could swear she felt a tear drop on her shoulder.)

(Thrice hears footsteps in the room next to his, and a then a soft knock on his door)

(Thrice slowly walks over to the door and opens it. He smiles he sees Galena. Tears are in his eyes.)

Galena: (Smiles as well and pulls him out into the hallway. She hugs him) Very sweet, but no substitute for the real thing.

Thrice: I didn’t wanna get you outta bed or risk waking the others. But it was well worth the risk (He smiles)

Galena: (Smiles) True

Thrice: Very (He speaks softly as he holds Galena there in the hallway)

Galena: (Hugs Thrice for awhile longer then whispers to him) We should probably get some sleep.

Thrice: (Chuckles softly) Most definitely

Galena: See you in the morni…well…soon, I guess?

Thrice: (He catches the time) Oh yeah. Maybe alil later.

Galena: (Smiles) Good…morning, then?

Thrice: (Smiles back) And a good morning to you too. (Thrice slowly steps back into the room, makes sure Galena gets to hers, and then enters his own.)

A Night To Remember

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