A Blight upon the Embers, Escaping Retrograde

I have long sought to distance myself from the cabal, the petty squabbles, the simple hatred. I respect what the Consilium is attempting, but Fate was not kind when it gifted them with us. The cabal has a cancer in its core, a subtle force that grows more fierce and assure of itself. This once hidden thing has driven away the weakest and most flawed among us, deprived us of their strength, and empowered itself in the process. This selfish callous being has co-opted the military might of our organization, or so it believes. I speak not of some demon or spirit, I speak of a sworn brother, I speak of Thrice.

Our cabal is sworn to be a shining example, to lead the Consilium towards a brighter future full of peace. Thrice has never supported that goal, rather, he has made a point of being distant and confrontational. He was core to the events that transpired around Noctys and Raven, how strangely, now troubles follow Dio. I can’t help thinking that he is somehow involved there as well – I just don’t understand what he stands to gain in tearing our cabal apart. If that end is unavoidable, I will not allow the lion to feast upon the carcass. If our flame is to be snuffed out, it will be done on my terms, it will be in a fashion that supports awakened society and our Consilium.

It is with a heavy heart that I have begun to pull together a dossier on Thrice, to build a case against him. It is a violation of guild charter, but then he has ever considered himself outside or even above our laws. Due to events in the Amazon, going out of his way to endanger mortal lives, he has opened himself to legal action from any concerned party. His crimes are many and I record them here only to steel myself for what must come:

Violation Precept of Hubris:
-Using magic to murder an Awakened, witnesses in custody of D.C. Consilium
-Unnecessarily endangering Sleepers, Amazon

Violation of Vox Libertas, Oath Breaker:
-Pulling gun on cabal mate
-Disregarded duties as the former Loremaster
-Working against the cabal charter and creed
-Other instances of foul play within sanctum

Before all that, we must meet as a cabal and determine if the violations of Vox Libertas are grounds to expel Thrice from the sanctum. Perhaps in time he will mature into a productive mage worthy of our cabal’s vision and mandate – till then we will see if the streets are a suitable agent to temper that arrogance and acrimony. I for one would rather his crime be distanced from the Embers should his Hubris becomes public knowledge, I will request a secret trial, to further protect our reputation. I’ve little doubt the Consilium will agree – the Ember’s being their project as well.

A Blight upon the Embers, Escaping Retrograde

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