Overman's familiar - A spirit of Curiosity


Prometheus when manifested – appears to be a small stylized cheetah much like an overly large house cat. His image is a hazy and slightly luminescent blue and his eyes seem to stare through mortals even more so than they through his semitransparent ephemera. As a spirit of curiosity, his interest is taken when things escape him or when odd or unexpected actions occur. By the same token those who display a false knowing, or seem dull to his eyes, irk him and his hackles rise in annoyance.

Unknown mage: “Would you like to play with some string?”
Prometheus: In a chill tone of disdain “No.”


Encountered during Overman’s journey of awakening – the spirit gave knowledge to the lost and blessed Overman with strength and cunning he never knew he could possess. The binding of their souls in the Supernal dream is lasting and Prometheus now finds himself bound by his own doing to watch over and guide the mage.

“Overman is an interesting being and hardly dull – so much should be learned and experienced by his side. My hunger sated and much knowledge to gain, I have want for little else.”


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