A young seminarian encountering real magic. May God have mercy on his soul.



A priest-in-training, Michael struggles with his skeptical nature and lingering doubts about his faith.

He has recently met up with an old friend from his childhood, a young woman named Stefini. Having felt somewhat isolated and lonely in Pittsburgh, he hopes to rekindle a friendship with her.


During his Awakening, he was referred to as “He who toppled Justice to claim his perceived right.” Whether he will take this as a warning or a badge of honor remains to be seen.

Magical Tools

  • Roman Collar – A detachable collar, made of white plastic with a black cotton covering that exposes only a small square of white beneath the wearer’s throat. Rameses wears this symbol of authority, granted by the Church to its Priests and Deacons, even if his position within that organization is rather tenuous at this point. It symbolizes his call to understand the higher mysteries, and so is tied to the Arcana of Prime.
  • Crucifix/Rosary – A necklace of wooden prayer beads, with a small silver crucifix dangling from it. Though eyes are often drawn to the crucifix, the true purpose of a rosary lies within the beads. Each bead signifies a separate prayer in the sequence, allowing a person to keep track of their place in the sequence by touch alone, freeing the mind to focus on the day’s meditations. This ties it to the Arcana of Mind.
  • Dio’s Lighter – A garish butane lighter covered in shiny black enamel, with a gold-plated relief of an Asian dragon. The mundane uses of a lighter are enough for most Awakened to associate it with the Arcana of Forces, but Rameses takes it further. Dio stole the lighter from a shop, and eventually loaned it to Rameses. Dio has never actually asked for her lighter back, likely intending it as a gift, but the fact that Rameses has no intention of returning it furthers its symbolic connection to theft. Like the mythical Prometheus, they have both stolen fire.

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