Furry artist and computer student


Main Info

Shadowname: Kymera
Other names: Glitter Noctys, Harmony Tock, Lunos Vulpinos
Hair: Medium-length, dirty blonde, brushed but not styled, sometimes with braided or beaded bangs
Eyes: Hazel
Clothing: Varies, frequently involves various shades of blue; tinted glasses; matching pair of blue bracelets; d13 necklace.

Tower: Acanthus
Order: ~
Legacy: ~
Nimbus: Rainbow-colored flowers blossom at his feet and shower the area in gold and silver sparkles of light, which coalesce into very animated animals which mime humanlike actions related to the spell being cast. As the nimbus fades, they gather together for a high-five before exploding into vanishing dust.


Glitter Noctys
This is the primary identity used in mage society. Most know him simply as “Noctys”, as he only uses the full name for official business, like a title. He uses this identity for his dealings with the concillium, orders, and other “official” mage groups. Even in his own cabal, the others tend to refer to him as Noctys, rather than his “real” shadow name of Kymera- fitting, perhaps, due to his increasingly strained ties with them and the detachment he feels towards them these days.

Harmony Tock
This is mainly used as his “artist’s name”, or pen name. Thus far, he only uses it online, but he has considered becoming more of a craftsman in general and developing a full-blown separate identity under this name for dealings of this sort, particularly with sleeper society.

Lunos Vulpinos
A yet unused, but planned persona with which he hopes to become a vigilante, of sorts, watching over the innocent and defenseless. These plans are on the backburner for now, until he reaches a high enough skill in certain arcana to keep him hidden from the prying eyes of Atlantean Orders, or at least so that he can keep them from seeing the ties between this persona and his others.



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