Galena Scytheborn

Lab Technician/Undercover Agent - FBI FIRST Task Force


Height: 5’7"
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown

Path: Moros
Order: Adamantine Arrow
Legacy: TBD

Weapons and other “Toys”: Glock Series 4 pistol (with attachments), sniper rifle acquired from Virginia, 2 Flashbang Grenades, Sniper’s Range Finder Camera (a creation of the FBI’s “Q” Branch – this device incorporates a range finder, complete with bullet height trajectory chart, into a digital camera that is capable of taking photos at 10X zoom.)


After graduating from Austin Peay State University, Galena started work with the TBI forensic labs. During her first 3 months in the lab, she helped close several cases that had been open for years. In particular, her knowledge of high-performance cars, and the special fuels they used, allowed her to track down a group of drug dealers currently headed by director Phillip Jones of the Department of Transportation and break up a drug ring that had been operating for over 20 years. Two weeks later, she was offered a position at the FBI branch in Pittsburgh, PA.

Once in Pittsburgh, Galena was chosen to be part of the FIRST Task Force, a special team of agents who work undercover to identify and neutralize threats without public knowledge.

It was while Galena was investigating one of these threats that she passed out, then woke up in the presence of Morpheus and the other six newly-awakened Mages.

Goals: As it was part of her job before she awakened, Galena is very interested in determining the identity of the “awakening drug.” She is also purely curious about how exactly it brings about awakenings, so she will more than likely study the drug’s pharmacology as well.

Galena Scytheborn

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